The right steps for skincare

How to skincare? What are the correct skincare steps? How to use skincare products? For these questions, each MM may have its own answer. But are the MMs right? Today, let the editor tell you what the correct skincare steps should be and how to use skincare products.

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Face cleansing:

Just use facial cleanser during the day, and at night, use cleansing milk first, then facial cleanser. Make-up must be removed after applying makeup or using barrier cream or sunscreen.

Use toner:

Wipe your face with a cotton pad dipped in toner. It can be used for secondary cleansing. If you want to moisturize, pat your face directly with your hands, but not too heavy. Just pat lightly. No matter which method is used, it should be used until the skin is not dry.

Use the essence:

first, rub your hands and apply the essence evenly on the face, pay attention to the essence to avoid the skin around the eyes, gently press the U area of ​​the face with the palm of the hand, from bottom to top, from outside to Press gently in an inner way to ensure the complete absorption of the essence. The T zone is also repeated in the same way. Finally, use the belly of your fingers to gently tap the skin of your face, 100 strokes are a set, and you can do 3 sets.


Choose different moisturizing skincare products according to your skin type. If your skin is dry in autumn and winter, use cream, day cream during the day and night cream at night. In spring and summer, the skin is more moisturized with milk. This is the last step if you don’t apply a facial mask at night!


Take an appropriate amount of cream on the cheeks, forehead, and chin. Use the middle finger and ring finger to stretch down from the cheek; extend to the center of the forehead, stretch it to the sides, and then gently pat Until completely absorbed.


Sunscreen should be selected according to your needs and the SPF and PA value of the sunscreen. The length of sunscreen’s efficacy depends on the value of SPF. Take SPF15 as an example. Its efficacy time is (15×10 minutes=150 minutes ) In other words, SPF15 means that the sun protection effect is 15 times that of 10 minutes. It’s not that the longer the time, the better, because the longer the time, the heavier the burden on the skin. If you are not engaged in outdoor work or sports for a long time, it is not recommended that you use a high-powered one.

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