The process of decorating the house

Now it’s a headache to buy a house and decorate it. I bought a house and I don’t know how to find a decoration company.

The decoration company is afraid that the decoration company is not doing well, so it runs to the construction site every day. After it was installed, I was worried, and asked a third-party supervisor everywhere to inspect the house. In fact, the steps of decoration are the same, now I will explain them one by one.

1. Pre-design

In the pre-design, one more thing we must do is to carry out a detailed measurement of our own room. This will not only allow you to be accurate when buying building materials, but also avoid being hacked during settlement.

The main content of the measurement includes:

1. Identify the area involved in the renovation process. Especially the tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, and floor area.

2. Identify the main wall dimensions. Especially in the future, you need to design the wall size of the furniture

Second, the main body demolition and modification 

  • Entering the construction stage, the main body demolition and modification is the first project, which mainly includes demolition of walls, shoveling of walls, demolition of heating equipment, replacement of plastic steel windows, etc. To put it bluntly, it is to put up the frame of the construction site first

3. Hydropower transformation

  • Between the two links of hydropower transformation and main body demolition, some rookies may know that the first measurement of the cabinet should also be carried out. In fact, the so-called first measurement of the cabinet has no actual content, because the wall and floor are not processed, the cabinet designer cannot give specific design dimensions, but only the water inlet and range hood socket reserved by the developer. Location, make some relevant suggestions. mainly includes:

1. Check whether the position of the range hood socket affects the installation of the range hood in the future.

2. See if the location of the water meter is appropriate.

3. Check whether the location of the upper nozzle is convenient for installing the sink later.

For the first measurement of the cabinet, a little experienced rookie can do it by himself. After the waterway renovation is completed, it is best to waterproof the bathroom immediately. Kitchens generally do not need to be waterproofed.

Some rookies always think that before the decoration starts, some main ingredients should be in advance. What Master I would like to say is that unless it is the main material that needs to be used for the main modification, otherwise, the time for the main materials such as ceramic tiles and large core boards to enter the site should be after the hydropower transformation. Because if the circuit transformation involves slotting on the ground, if the tiles and large core boards are placed in an improper position, it will be troublesome for workers to move around.

4, woodworking

  • Carpenter, mason, and painter are the “three brothers” in the construction process. The basic order of appearance is: carpenter, mason (bricklayer), and painter. The basic principle of appearance is whoever gets dirty first

5, tiling

  • If the workers are too busy, the foreman will usually let the “two masons” come in and tiling before the “boss carpenter” is over. This is normal because there is no conflict between the two themselves.

The operation process of the second mason also involves the installation of the following three links:

1. Installation of door stone and marble window sill. The installation of the door stone can be done together with the floor tiles, or after the floor tiles. The marble window sills are usually installed after the window cover is completed. The worker who installs the marble will prepare glass glue and seal the marble and window cover with glass glue. Up.

2. Installation of floor drain. The floor drain is the first one among the home improvement hardware, because it needs to be installed together with the floor tiles. Therefore, when rookies start to visit the building materials market, they should buy a floor drain as soon as possible.

3. Installation of range hood. The range hood was the first home appliance to appear on the scene. After the kitchen wall and floor tiles are laid, you can consider installing a range hood.

“Mason’s second child” leaves the scene. At this time, you can make an appointment for the second measurement of the cabinet. To be precise, after the kitchen wall and floor tiles are pasted and the range hood is installed, you can make an appointment for the second measurement of the cabinet.

6, paint the wall

  • The third oiler enters the site to complete the primary treatment of the wall surface, paint the finish, and paint the furniture made by the “woodworker boss”. The rookie who is preparing to paste the wallpaper only needs to let the “oiler third person” plan to paste The wall of the wallpaper can be treated as a basic layer.

At this time, when the “boss,” “the second,” and “the third” leave the venue one after another, many rookies will think that their renovations are over. In fact, if you count them by link, less than one-third. The reason why everyone feels this way is because people generally understand that the decoration is only the “construction link” of the decoration. In fact, the “installation link” of the decoration is also the focus of the decoration.

7, kitchen and bathroom ceiling

  • The kitchen and bathroom ceiling, which is the first to install, is still continuing the “packaging” of the home. At the same time as the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom, the moisture-proof ceiling lamp and exhaust fan (yuba) of the cabinet and bathroom should have been bought. It is best for novices to install the ceiling lamp and exhaust fan (yuba) at the same time, or leave the thread and the opening. 

8, cabinet installation

  • After the ceiling is finished, the cabinet can be installed on the door. If it goes well, it can be done in one day. At the same time, a sink (may not include water fittings) and a gas stove are installed. It is best to coordinate the property to vent the gas before the cabinet is installed, because the gas stove needs to be tested after the installation

9, wooden door installation

  • On the second day of cabinet installation, the wooden door should have been measured more than a month ago, and it is now ready for installation. If it goes well, it will be one day. The hinges, door locks, floor suction, and rookies should prepare the relevant hardware in advance when installing the door.

The production cycle of wooden doors is generally one month. Therefore, in order to keep the construction period tightly connected, it is necessary to have the wooden door manufacturers come to the door to measure the size of the door as soon as possible after the main body is dismantled and modified. Regarding the handling of the doorway, everyone needs to pay attention to it. If the height of the doorway in the house is inconsistent, workers need to treat it to the same height to look good.

10. Floor installation

  • The floor can be installed on the second day of the installation of the wooden door. If it goes well, it will be a day. The floor installation needs to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Before installing the floor, it is best to ask the manufacturer to come to investigate whether the ground needs to be leveled or partially leveled.

2. Before installing the floor, the floor of the paved floor at home should be cleaned, and the floor should be dry, so do not use water during the cleaning process.

11. Shop and paste the wallpaper

  • On the second day of floor installation, the home is cleaned up, and wallpaper can be laid out. If it goes well, it will also be a day. If possible, the floor should be protected on the day the wallpaper is laid; it doesn’t matter if there is no condition, it’s okay to clean up the wallpaper glue left on the floor to the pioneer cleaning. Before paving the wallpaper, try to do “don’t have anything” on the wall.

12. Switch socket installation

  • The socket is connected to 3 wires. According to the left neutral wire and the right live wire, the ground wire is inserted in the middle. The general socket has the indication, the live wire is L and the neutral wire is N, and the ground wire is a symbol. Connect one end of the switch to the live wire, and the other end to the electrical appliances or lights, and that’s it.

13. Lamp installation

  • Install the lights, there is nothing to say. After installing the lights, the house will be bright. Say goodbye to the glare of the 100-watt incandescent bulb during the renovation period. It feels good.

14. Hardware installation

  • Install the plumbing fittings, bathroom accessories, toilets, drying racks, etc. that you bought before.

After the “big pieces” are installed, the house is still very “cold”. After the lamps and hardware are installed, the house is “alive”, really “alive”. It is not an exaggeration to say that the first time you turn on the faucet and watch the water splashing, you will feel beautiful in your heart; for the first time you will feel a sense of accomplishment in the newly installed toilet at home. By the way, you can give it a good name: “Virgo”.

15. Installation of curtain rod

  • The installation of curtain rods marks the basic end of home improvement

16. Pioneer cleaning

  • Do not install curtains before opening up and cleaning. When pioneering and cleaning, do not have furniture and unnecessary home appliances in the house, and try to keep more “flat surfaces” so that the pioneer and cleaning can clean up thoroughly.

17. Furniture enters the market

  • The purchase time of furniture will be after the completion of the water and electricity transformation at the earliest, so we can roughly know the basic size range of the furniture in this way. Some rookies have rushed to order all the furniture before the decoration has started. This is not necessary.

18. Home appliances enter the market

  • At this time, the home appliances should enter the market, the installation should be installed, and it is ready to move in.

19, home furnishings

  • Home accessories is the last step of home improvement, and the decoration has been turned into decoration, including the installation of curtains, which belong to the link of furniture accessories. As for buying curtains, it is best to order the furniture to avoid style conflicts.

Furniture accessories also include you can consider buying some green plants, wall paintings, furnishing crafts… In short, after you move in, you can play freely. At this time, you have been promoted from a rookie to a master of decoration.

Cheats to save money 

  • Save money, essentials, cheats

1. The display cabinet is not used as a wall panel

If you want to save money, you can use the siding to save money. In addition to the moisture-proof function of the cabinet nail siding, there are also important considerations. If there is no problem of water seepage on the wall and no heavy objects are placed, it is not necessary to nail the cabinet wall. The display cabinet on the master bedroom is mainly for the owner to place personal collections and cosmetics, so the designer did not nail the siding, which saves money and has a sense of beauty.

To save money in the kitchen, you must start with kitchenware and tiles. Considering the budget, the designers all use domestic products. Originally, the countertop was made of pearl board, but because the owner wanted an artificial stone countertop and the budget was insufficient, the designer generously gave the artificial countertop. * Z) j, `2 e4 m

3. Three-sided aluminum window is the most economical

There were originally aluminum windows on the parapet wall of the balcony, but because they were too old, the designer removed the original aluminum windows and replaced them with new ones. The most cost-effective method for aluminum windows is to use three-sided aluminum windows with 5mm thick tempered glass. If you use lattice-shaped aluminum windows, the price is doubled.

For the floor-to-ceiling doors leading to the back balcony, the homeowner wanted to make a lattice-shaped floor-to-ceiling aluminum door with a change, but the budget was insufficient. The designer replaced it with lattice glass, which also has the effect of a lattice floor-to-ceiling door, but the price is saved More than 1 and a half.

5. Partition wall as a dressing room

The dressing room is cheaper than a wardrobe. The designer steals nearly 1 ping (1 ping equals 3.3 square meters) of space from the children’s room, and uses wooden plywood to separate the dressing room. For the sake of beauty, the designer also digs in the wall panels. Make a styling with a hole.

6. Raise the floor as a bed frame

When the bedroom requires at least 1 double bed or 2 single beds, the designer considers that since the floor is to be made of wood, it is better to raise the floor and place 2 single mattresses on the floor to save 2 singles. The cost of the bed frame. Although the raised floor requires additional money, it is still cheaper than the cost of 2 bed frames.

7. The cabinet is made of wood to match the system furniture door

To save money on decoration, you must use your brains. The general pricing method for wooden cabinets, in addition to the price of cabinets and hardware accessories, also includes the cost of door paint. In order to save money, the designer used wood nails as the cabinet’s barrel body, and then used the door of the system cabinet. This not only saved the cost of painting the door, and the price of the system cabinet was originally cheaper than the wooden cabinet. , You can save a lot of money.

8. Replace the porch screen with a shoe cabinet

In order to prevent visitors from seeing the living room at a glance, the owner always hopes that the entrance can be used as a porch screen. Considering practicality and budget, the designer recommends using a shoe cabinet instead. Although the price of the shoe cabinet is more expensive than the entrance screen, it is more practical, and most importantly, it saves the cost of the entrance screen.

9 Like the smooth texture of marble,

 the owner has always hoped that the floor of the living room can be covered with marble. However, because marble does not contain construction, the bare materials are very expensive and the budget does not allow it. The designer suggested using 60×60 polished quartz tiles instead, which of course saves a lot of money.


1. How to calculate the material payment

In the decoration, we must consider the price of cement, sand, white cement, the loss during the decoration process, and the ratio of the size of the floor to the floor. In this way, we still sum up the amount of various materials in use in order to truly calculate the amount of material.

Floor tiles, granite and other materials, about 90kg of cement per 10m, and 0.3m of sand should be prepared for 5% loss of the main material.

2. How to divide the proportion of various materials

When we go to the material market to purchase materials, of course we will prepare a certain amount of money. At this time, we need to divide the proportion of the purchase amount. If the ground alone spends most of the total amount, other materials can no longer be carried out. Usually the ratio of the material payment is as follows (this is the reference data, we can also divide the ratio according to the actual situation and our own intention): Content description ratio

40% of ground stone, ceramic tile, wood floor, etc.

Wood and decorative panels for doors and windows 20%

10% of storage cabinets that need to be processed on-site for non-purchasing furniture

Oil working materials contain paint, paint and other oil-related materials 10%

Heating materials to change pipelines, water change nozzles, etc. 5%

Electrical materials change lines, switches, lamps, etc. 15%

3. Where to save 10%

Spending money requires a plan, or “easy”. As the owners of room decoration, they want to do more with less, and there is also a spending limit before the decoration. For example, when decorating, we suggest that you should save 10% of the quota for later use. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Because even if you have experience, it is difficult to consider the decoration of the room in advance. It is common to leave everything behind. There is one less lamp installed in the hall, which affects the lighting effect; I want to add a cabinet for sundries in the corner, and so on. A little east and a little west will cost you a lot of money, so save more than 10% at the beginning of the decoration Filling this vacancy also ended in peace.

4. How much does it cost and how much work it does

1. Never tell the decoration company how much money you have prepared to decorate the room. Assuming that the decoration of the entire house originally only cost 40,000 yuan, but without knowing it, it is revealed that you have prepared 60,000 yuan, then the decoration company Wouldn’t it be a big loss if they reported 55,000 yuan?

2. You can’t just negotiate with one decoration company, you should shop around, and look for the cheaper one.

3. The decoration company’s quotation contains a lot of water. Even if you cut it in half, it still has a lot of profit. The actual cost of the decoration should be accounted for. 5. Where to go for decoration.

1. Main materials (such as wooden floor, veneer, paint, etc.).

2. Auxiliary materials (such as floor glue, cement sand, etc.).

3. Transportation fee (the fare from the material market to the construction site).

4. Workers’ wages (workers’ wages plus labor).

5. Loss fee (the loss of materials or the cost of remaining materials).

6. Tool consumption (such as drill bits, grinders, etc.).

7. Water and electricity costs (total cost of water and electricity consumed during renovation).

8. Profits of the decoration company (the decoration company will give you a part of the profit).

Six, how to reduce the cost

1. Invite experienced people to purchase materials together, because people who are familiar with the material market understand the market price, which saves money and time and effort.

2. The so-called “off-period business is difficult”, in fact, no one buys the materials and the prices are cheap. At this time, purchasing materials is a good way to save money.

3. It is best not to hire a large decoration company, because the cost of a large decoration company is relatively high, and the cost may not be affordable.

4. In order to ensure quality, we should avoid secondary rework, and it is best not to ask street workers to do the work. The picture is small and cheap.

5. Using a large area of ​​a material to reduce the price can ultimately save a lot of money.

Seven, easily overlooked places

1. living room

a. A small area is paved with dark ground, giving it a narrow and depressing feeling.

b. The power supply and closed-circuit plugs on the wall forgot to change the line and shifted, and they are too far away from the place where the TV and stereo are to be placed and cannot be connected.

c. Shoes are piled up in the living room, and there is no storage cabinet.

d. There is an aisle between the sofa and the TV cabinet, and some people walk through the middle, which disturbs people’s appreciation of the program.

e. The material of the ground is too hard and cold, and people will feel chilly in it.

2. bedroom

a. Design a window facing the sun directly opposite the bed. Sunlight will disturb people’s sleep.

b. There is no power supply or plug at the head of the bed; the switch is too far away from the bed, and I go to bed in the dark every day.

c. The light in the children’s room is not enough, which affects eyesight.

d. The windows adjacent to the street are not soundproofed, and the noise is annoying.

e. The color of the ceiling is too bright, making people excited and difficult to sleep.

f. There is no design for dressing near the closet. 8. The place where disassembly and modification is prohibited in the home improvement.

1. A load-bearing wall built with bricks and reinforced concrete with a thickness of 240 mm or more and a dull knocking sound cannot be demolished.

2. The half wall of the balcony cannot be demolished or modified.

3. The beams and pillars in the room cannot be dismantled or modified.

Nine, the glass world

In daily life, we can often see glass. Different types of glass in home decoration are used for differences, and there are also great particularities. Glass can be roughly divided into: frosted glass, patterned glass, stained glass, wired glass, glass brick . The uses of glass in bedroom decoration include: glass cabinet doors, bathroom glass doors, partition glass, glass doors, glass brick partition walls, glass ceilings, etc. When it comes to glass, it is natural to think of mirrors. It is unthinkable if there is no mirror in the room. The position of the mirror is very important, that is to say, what kind of mirror should be placed in what kind of space. For example: the bedroom should be equipped with a full-length mirror, a large flat mirror should be hung on the wall of the dining room, a mirror for the bathroom, a mirror for the display cabinet, etc.

10. Wrought iron in the family

Iron flower products were first used outdoors. With the fashion of returning to simplicity, they have gradually entered the family in recent years. Iron art can be described as available everywhere, which can play a calm and simple effect and can also reflect a modern sense.

1. Iron art can only be used as the finishing touch.

2. If iron art can be used together, such as a set of iron chairs and tables next to an iron partition, the effect will be more natural than a sudden one.

3. The overall texture of wrought iron products is relatively cold, so be careful when choosing it.

4. Choose thin and light wrought iron products indoors, which generally feels more comfortable.

11. Matters needing attention in the “home improvement” contract

A. Fully prepare both hands. It is best to add a clause when the two parties sign the contract. If Party A is not satisfied with the construction of the decoration team, it has the right to terminate the contract within ten days from the date of construction.

B. Before signing the contract, check whether Party B’s business license is issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

C. In order not to suffer a loss in materials, it is necessary to specify in detail which part of the contract which materials are used.

D. The payment method should be indicated in the contract, preferably in installments. That is, 30% will be paid after the contract is signed, 50% will be paid in the mid-term, and the payment will be made after the completion of the project is qualified.

E. Responsibilities and obligations of both parties in the contract: During the construction, the construction party has the responsibility to follow the customer’s requirements, and it cannot be changed in the middle without any reason, and the customer is also obliged to provide the construction party with conditions such as water and electricity.

F. The construction period is agreed in advance by both parties. The construction party is responsible for the delay caused by the construction party. If the customer has special or natural reasons, the construction period should be postponed, but a temporary change agreement should be signed with the construction party. .

G. At the end of the project, it is essential for the acceptance during the construction process. There should be procedures for acceptance or not, and no oral agreement should be made. The official seal of Party B should be affixed to the procedures, not just the signature of the representative.

H. In order to prevent the occurrence of breach of contract during construction, the contract should not only be written as “the two parties coordinated to resolve”, and it should be noted that it should be submitted to the local court or consumer association for settlement.

I. A safety production and fire protection agreement should be signed with Party B. If Party B violates regulations in the operation, Party A cannot condone, and should stop promptly if any problems are found. Pay attention to the “hidden murder” clause. For example, it is stated in the contract that the construction period is 50 working days, but if Party B wants to come to work for one day, he will work for one day. If he doesn’t want to come, he won’t come. Then when can he make up for 50 days, it should be noted that the construction will be completed on a certain day, certain month, and year. The contract states that the interior wall finishes are painted. If the brand is not specified, then Party B can use ordinary interior wall paint to replace high-end interior wall paint.

J. Pay attention to the “hidden murder” clause. For example, it is stated in the contract that the construction period is 50 working days, but if Party B wants to come to work for one day, he will work for one day. If he doesn’t want to come, he won’t come. Then when can he make up for 50 days, it should be noted that the construction will be completed on a certain day, certain month, and year. The contract states that the interior wall finishes are painted. If the brand is not specified, then Party B can use ordinary interior wall paint to replace high-end interior wall paint.

K. The loss of general materials should be less than 5%. Some construction teams do not pay attention to the saving of materials, cutting and digging randomly, resulting in considerable loss of materials, so when signing the contract, it must be agreed in the remarks column. Note: If the material loss caused by Party B in the construction process exceeds 5%, the cost of the loss shall be borne by Party B.

12. Regional classification of “home improvement” work types

Formal decoration companies should also be very strict in the classification of work types, requiring meticulousness, and each taking their own responsibilities. Those people we sometimes meet can both lay bricks and weld. They belong to the “wild road”. The division of labor in a general and formal decoration company is as follows:

Site Chief: Responsible for overall work. Such as organizing discipline to communicate with residents, discussing plans with contractors and designers, etc.

Woodworker: Responsible for all woodwork. Such as suspended ceilings, making furniture, wooden floors, heating covers, edging doors and windows, installing mirrors, etc.

Electrician: Responsible for all work related to electricity. Such as laying out wiring, installing lamps and electric switches, etc.

Oiler: Responsible for all painting work. Such as painting doors, windows, furniture, walls, etc.

Hydraulics: Responsible for the modification of water pipes and air pipes and the installation of bathroom equipment, etc.

Mason: Responsible for laying stone and tiles and all work related to cement mortar.

If the amount of “home improvement” works is large, a handyman is also required to clean up, remove garbage, and move materials. If the project is small, such a handyman can be replaced by other types of work.

Another crucial method selected for a home improvement company is to pay attention to the quality of its company’s management personnel. A company with a bad reputation has chaotic internal management, and managers often commit the following problems:

1. Opportunity. When the customer is not present, the worker is instructed to use the second material for construction. When the customer checks, he denies or flickers.

2. Speaking doesn’t count. After making an appointment with the client, I often fail to be punctual, or find other excuses to simply drop the meeting.

3. Poor memory. The various requirements put forward by customers cannot be met, they are forgotten, or they are deliberately delayed.

4. Outrageous attitude. After the customer signs a contract with him, his attitude changes suddenly, even threatening with intimidating words.

Therefore, if you want to decorate your room beautifully, it is important to choose a formal decoration company.

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