The correct steps for men’s skincare

Beauty is the craziest thing in this world. Because nowadays, in addition to women’s love of beauty, men are also beautiful. Perhaps the previous man had a love for beauty but no courage to love it. He was afraid to be called a “sissy” and could only think but not do it. Nowadays, the theme of fashion trends has been changed to “skin care” and is no longer a woman’s patent. Now men no longer have to struggle with skin care issues. So what are the correct steps for men’s skincare? Let’s take a look with everyone!

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Facial cleanser, toner, lotion, shaving cream, facial mask, etc.

Men’s skin care step 1: do a good job of oil control and cleaning

There are still many differences between male skin and female skin. Therefore, when skin care is also different, men’s sebum secretion and sweat glands are more developed than women’s. Therefore, men’s skin is prone to pore clogging. Acne and pimples.

  Men want healthier skin. At this time, they must choose the right facial cleansing products. Sooner or later, they must carefully clean the skin. For men with oily skin, you should not wash your face too many times. If you wash your face too many times, it will only make men’s skin drier, it is recommended that men wash their faces twice a day.

Men’s skincare step two: shrink pores

  After men have cleaned the face, the facial skin is still in a state where moisture is easy to evaporate and is not protected. At this time, if you want a good oil control and moisturizing, you may wish to use a lotion, which can have a good moisturizing effect. , And it can also prevent the evaporation of moisture, achieve a good moisture retention, and let your skin drink enough water, so that it will not make the skin appear oily, if you usually belong to that kind For acne-prone skin, then at this time, you should choose a lotion with a good sterilization and astringent effect.

Men’s skincare step 3: When choosing skincare products it is best to be oil-free

If men do not want to make their face shine, then it is best to choose oil-free skin care products at this time, such as refreshing oil-free formula moisturizer and moisturizing gel, these skin care products are very suitable People with oily skin, and men who have oily faces.

  In addition, as a male, you can also use some skincare products that can inhibit the secretion of oil, so that you can achieve a very good oil-control effect. For the T-shaped part with more oily, you can use the T-shaped part at this time Degreasing gel, which can improve the appearance of oily face.

Step 4 of men skincare: regular and regular rest time

  When men’s skin care, if you want to control facial oil well, the best way at this time is to have a regular schedule and a reasonable diet. For example, don’t stay up late, eat less fried food, and do something outdoors when you’re fine. Oxygen exercise, these can make the skin better.

Step 5 of men’s skin care: apply mask regularly

  There are many effects of the mask, not only can whiten the skin very well, but also make the face shine away. At this time, you can use a mask that can remove excess sebum and dirt. Especially for oily skin, you must use a facial mask to remove oil. If the oil removal is not thorough, the face is prone to acne. Therefore, when men’s skin care, applying a mask is still a very important part.


  • Everyone’s physique is different, so the effect of the product varies from person to person. 
  • Whether it is expensive or cheap, good or bad, you must persevere for a long time if you want to use the effect. 
  • Skin care should be done as soon as possible, regardless of gender.

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