The best time to shave

For a man, almost most men have to shave every day, because in this way can we men’s faces become cleaner. So when should we shave during the day?


  • Get up for 20 minutes to shave
  • Use shaving cream

The best time to shave Method/Step

  1. Many male friends often come together to shave in the morning. In fact, it is a good thing to shave in the morning, but don’t start together. The best time is usually about 20 minutes after getting up.
  2. Some people just shave hastily, while some men are more careful and shave slowly. So I suggest you spend more time in the morning to shave. First of all, before you shave, you must wash your face clean. There must be no debris.
  3. Shaving is also skillful. We must not shave blindly. After washing our face at first, use a hot towel to gently apply it to the beard or you can buy shaving cream to put it on the beard because The main purpose is to make the beard softer so that we can shave better when we shave.

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