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Over the past several months, finding the PS5 in the UK has gotten a little simpler, but it’s still not always the most straightforward console to find, especially at its base price. However, we’ve included a list of U.K. retailers below, all of which have the PS5 available for purchase. If you want to purchase the PS5 on disc or digitally, these are the best locations to look. So, continue reading to learn where to get a PS5 in the UK.


Restocks for the PS5 can still be difficult to locate as of right now. You can’t count on being able to buy a console, according to Tom’s Guide. Nevertheless, we promise to provide you with the most recent information on all restocks as soon as it becomes available.

Where to get PS5 in the UK: Recent Sony PlayStation 5 console ps5 stock UK Update

At the time of writing, there are a few merchants who have the PS5 in stock, but there are others who list it as out of stock.

If you can find a PS5, you’ll have scored a great deal on gaming technology. But if you’re having trouble finding PS5 stock at the major U.K. retailers, be sure to look at our list of substitute stores.

Where to purchase PS5 in the UK: Advice

Make ready:

When you discover a PS5 ready to buy, make sure you have all the necessary payment card information and two-factor authentication on hand. Units can move so quickly that you risk missing your opportunity to place a PS5 order if you’re frantically searching for your credit card.

Pick a retailer:

As you can see from our list above, there are many merchants to choose from, which can make the entire PS5 purchase process somewhat challenging. We advise you to pick a few significant merchants, such as Walmart and Amazon, and monitor their PS5 landing sites.

Register for stock alerts:

Many merchants will notify you when they receive PS5 stock. For the retailers who are offering those services, we advise you to sign up for them.

Locate the appropriate product page:

Make sure you are on the official PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition purchase page. This may seem apparent. On a landing page, you run the risk of missing the arrival of new stock.

Sign in at stores:

Ensure that you sign in at any stores where you may already have an account. If you find a PS5 on sale, this will make the process much faster. And in today’s world, speed is crucial.

Refresh frequently and don’t give up:

When everything seems to be sold out, attempting to find PS5 supply might be a little discouraging. But periodically check product sites to see what appears; you never know. Additionally, keep checking back here for any updates on the PS5 stock.

You can always check our stock widget below if you are still unsuccessful in getting a console. Throughout the day, if any more merchants receive PS5 stock, it will appear there. Therefore, as soon as you spot an opportunity, seize it.

The top PlayStation 5 discounts

At retailers including Amazon, Very, GAME, John Lewis, Argos, AO, Currys, and ShopTo right now, the PS5 comes in and out of stock periodically. Other websites including eBay, Smyths, StockX, OnBuy, The Game Collection, EE, and BT may also have some PS5 consoles for sale. It’s also important to keep in mind that to finalize your purchase, you must be a client of EE or BT.

Some PS5 consoles are currently in available at a select retailers, either individually or as part of a larger bundle that may also include a game and/or additional controllers.

To combat rising prices for processing chips and the general current nightmare that everything is more costly, Sony is raising PS5 prices by 10% across Europe, as we announced before. As a result, the RRP for the PlayStation 5 standard disc drive version has increased to £479 from £449.99, while the RRP for the digital edition has increased to £389.99 from £359.99.

That still enables next-generation visuals and has a huge internal storage space for all those games, making it a reasonable priced gaming device. As you may anticipate, this means that the starting price you’ll find will at the very least be the ones listed above; you won’t find anything less expensive.

The top retailers and a quick stock check are listed below:

PlayStation 5 stores in the UK

PS5 stock on Amazon

When the PS5 released, consumers naturally went to Amazon as one of the first merchants, and it was no surprise that it quickly sold out. Right now, the PS5 pages for both models indicate that they are available, but we don’t know how many are, so it’s better to snag one right away. These are the most recent pricing that were offered at the previous price as well. However, if you want to be prepared when you do buy one, you can also stock up on some games. Popular titles like Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring are easily accessible.

PS5 game stock

Game has the solo PS5 system in store right now, and there are a several bundles you can choose from. The most affordable of these is the £584.97 Horizon Forbidden West combo, which also includes a blue DuelSense Wireless Controller. A wide variety of PS5 gaming headsets are also available, along with extra PS5 controllers, charging stations, and steering wheels.

Stock PS5 on eBay

Two things are always guaranteed on eBay: availability of anything that’s hard to find, and exorbitant costs. Of course, you should proceed with the utmost caution when using eBay, since it can be a minefield of rip-off prices and con artists. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get what you’re searching for if you read the description, look at the reviews of the vendors, and use common sense. If a PS5’s Buy it Now price appears unreasonably low, it usually is. Do a thorough inspection of everything (including any information that may indicate that the item is defective, etc.), and if you’re still unsure, wait to act.

UK-based ShopTo PS5 stock in case you weren’t familiar, ShopTo has a reassuring Trustpilot rating of 4.6 and offers a small quantity of PS5 consoles at the time of writing. When it does have stock, like several other vendors, it only shows as bundles, the lowest of which is the Horizon Forbidden West combo for £499.85.

Stock PS5 at Argos

There is a small amount of PS5 inventory available at Argos, and if you want, you can have it sent directly to your local store for simpler pickup. If you want to be ready when you (ultimately) unbox your new console, you can still get the DuelSense Wireless Controller, the official Media Remote, and other games and accessories.

PS5 Smyth stock

Smyths, a UK toy retailer, has also fallen victim to the PS5 stock shortages. The good news is that it’s one of just a few retailers who sells the consoles separately at RRP, so when they do return in stock, you can buy either the ordinary PS5 system for £449.99 or the Digital Edition PS5 console for £499.85. Contrary to standalone consoles, the Horizon Forbidden West bundle is presently available for pre-order, albeit the anticipated stock is still listed as “TBC 2022.”

At the time of writing, consoles and bundles were available starting at £572 on OnBuy, another private marketplace. Compared to StockX, it has a higher Trustpilot rating of 4.7 stars, albeit your experience will undoubtedly depend on the seller. You will undoubtedly spend more than RRP given the high demand and limited supply of stock alternatives, but if you keep your cool, you might have Sony’s system connected to your TV in less than a week.

PS5 stock, StockX

The same warnings apply here because StockX is a website like eBay that features private sellers. Like the stock market, prices change, so you probably want to check in frequently to see what the current going pricing is. You will pay more than RRP because of the site’s nature, but if you need a PS5 right away, this option might be best. For peace of mind, it has a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot, but as with any website for private sellers, act with caution.

PS5 EE stock

Like BT, EE allows current customers to acquire PS5 consoles as well as additional peripherals like TVs and headphones, although there is only the option of monthly payments rather than a one-time purchase. Depending on the tariff you select, you can pay more than £500 in total if you opt to join EE specifically to buy a console. Don’t pull those contract triggers just yet, though, as the stock seems to be depleted now.

BT stock PS5

If there are any available PS5 consoles at the time of writing, BT Broadband customers may, subject to stock availability, purchase a PS5 directly from BT. If you don’t already have a broadband contract with BT, you’ll need to decide whether you want to get one solely to get a new console. You are protected from making such rash selections because it is not currently in stock.

Very stock PS5

Very, which once provided PS5 supplies to individuals in need, is today experiencing a shortage. However, you can still purchase genuine PlayStation accessories like the DualSense Wireless Controller and the pretty attractive Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.

John Lewis stock PS5

Even though John Lewis is struggling with a supply shortage, it makes up for it by selling the attractive Cosmic Red DuelSense controller for a slightly higher price of £64.99, along with a two-year warranty.

PS5 AO stock

Another significant store, AO, has no PS5 inventory as of this writing. However, you may purchase some titles in the interim, such as FIFA 22, the fantastic web-swinging Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Ultimate Edition, and a wide variety of additional PS5 games and accessories.

PS5 stock The Game Collection

You may not have noticed The Game Collection, but it is an independent website that debuted in 2005 and currently has 4.8 Trustpilot stars. The fact that you are purchasing new consoles from the website directly, without the assistance of private sellers, gives it an advantage over competing services like OnBuy and StockX. The only major bundles available are the drawback, even though they may contain all the titles you eventually intended to purchase.

The basic PlayStation 5 system, Elden Ring, Deathloop, Back 4 Blood, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Watch Dogs Legion, Fortnite The Last Laugh Package, and Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate are all combined in one fairly hefty bundle that is now available for £759.95. You may be able to recoup part of your costs by selling any games you no longer want.

There may be electronics, hardware, a computer, and a mouse in the Currys PS5 stock photo.

Currys once had both PS5 console models in stock before developing more expensive bundles, one of which contained an enticing mix of headphones, a hard drive, and a copy of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. However, Currys no longer has any PS5 console models in available as of the time of writing. The official PS5 Media Remote and an extra DualSense Wireless Controller can still be purchased in advance if you so choose.


Despite having an official debut in the UK more than a year ago, it is still impossible to purchase the PlayStation 5 console. On November 12, 2020, Sony released the PlayStation 5 in the UK. It has already sold more than 10 million units globally, making it the most successful console launch in US history.

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