Skincare Tips to make you more and more beautiful

Skincare life tips, There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. Many people always neglect to take care of their skin because they don’t have time. Cuties should be vigilant. I will share my usual experience with you… Like it, if you like it~

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Skincare Tips Method/Step

I think the most important step in skincare is to sleep! ! Even if you use more skincare products and go to beauty salons, you can’t eat enough skin without enough sleep~~Trust the truth: go to bed early at night, sleep deep, sleep peacefully. Persevere, the skin and complexion will be significantly improved! I know a “slow rebound pillow” thing that can sleep fast and peacefully.

Wake up early in the morning, it is recommended to drink a glass of honey water on an empty stomach, plus a large spoonful of pollen. I used to have obvious pores on my cheeks. After 5 or 6 years, my skin has become much better! !

Does everyone like to drink tea made with lemon slices? This is great~ Drink as much water soaked in fresh lemon slices as possible every day. It is good for the skin and the intestines are smooth. Plain yogurt with honey can help constipation. .

For washing the face, I think it is better to wash with cold water. As for the winter, you can add a little hot water instead of too hot. Do not wipe dry after washing your face, but pat dry with your hands, so that the skin will be firm and your face can be thinned! !

If the cuties want to whiten, what to do as a mask is a pretty good choice. I often use milk and VE to apply on my face. I am afraid that skim milk can be used for long fat particles. VE is best to use natural ones! I wish all beautiful girls more and more beautiful!

Children’s shoes troubled by acne, I recommend you a particularly effective artifact-Qinghuozhi oatmeal, which can be sold in general pharmacies. There are two plates in three eighty-one boxes! It’s especially easy to use, and it can cure constipation


Skin care is a matter of persistence, everyone must cheer!

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