Self-Storage Tips: How to Pack and Store Belongings

Perhaps it’s time for you to rent out a storage unit and store all your extra furniture, off-season clothes, and that Chester of drawers filled with books to the brim. Renting a storage unit is easy. The real hard part starts after that. Packing and storing belongings in a storage unit is an art and science.

You cannot just cram it up with stuff till it’s full and leave it at that. A haphazard storage unit will not be of much use when you decide to fetch something and cannot find it. You will also face a shortage of space when your storage unit is not managed properly. You will be amazed to realize how much unused space you were wasting once you organized your storage unit by following our tips.

Don’t Compromise On Quality.

Good quality packing supplies are crucial when it comes to packing for self-storage units. You should go for boxes that are hard and sturdy, even if it means paying a few extra bucks. Experts suggest buying professional-grade packing material so that you can easily stack and pile up the boxes.

The same goes for tape, bubble wraps, and packing peanuts. Think of it as an investment. Don’t shy away from spending a few extra bucks on packing supplies.

Clean As You Go

Storage units do not provide any service of up-keeping the cleanliness. Storage units Bristol usually provide a padlock and a key, and that’s it. Before going ahead and starting storing your belongings in a storage unit, make sure to give the unit a thorough sweep. Check for any signs of mould or fungus, and change your storage unit immediately if you find any.

We also recommend you get a climate-controlled storage unit if your budget allows it. A well-ventilated storage unit will ensure all your stuff remains as good as new. You can also get some wooden pallets and prop your boxes on top of the pallets if you are extra fussy about cleanliness.

Label Your Boxes

We cannot stress this point enough, trust us, labeling your boxes and managing an inventory of everything you store will help you a lot. By labeling the boxes, you will save a lot of hassle in the future. Make sure to use a dark colour and bold font while printing out the labels, go for big font size as well.

Having an inventory labeled on each box will let you grab and go anything you require without going through all the boxes. You can also label boxes with tags like fragile, this-side-up and handle with care stickers to ensure everything is stored properly.

Leave Some Space

Some people make the grave mistake of over-stuffing storage units and later regret their poor judgment. Don’t worry, and we are here to save you from a lot of trouble in this regard. A fully stacked and cramped self-storage unit will lead to problems when you have to fetch some stuff, which is at the bottom of the pile.

Always leave room in your cardiff storage unit so that you can move around and get stuff whenever you need it. We suggest stacking your boxes and making two aisles, leaving some room between the middle of the unit. Leave some room for the air to pass through, and no one likes a dark and damp storage unit.

Get a Dust Sheet

Now hear us out on this one, you must think a storage unit will remain squeaky clean always, sadly you’re mistaken. Make sure to cover your boxes with dust covers, as a lot of dust can accumulate on your belongings even if the storage unit is locked.

If you are storing furniture, books, or clothes, make sure you put everything in packing and never leave anything uncovered. Your new stuff will look age-old with all the dust, webs, and cobwebs.

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