Return Policy a Good Way to Win Heart of Customers

A return policy is a policy or set of rules created by the company and brand to manage how consumers can return and exchange unwanted products they purchased. Return policy explains to the consumers what products they can return or for what reason and sets a limited time in which they can return the items. 

A well-thought-out return policy is a good way to attract more customers and win their interest. Many people believe that a return policy is a dealmaker. For example, a brand has an amazing return policy; returning an unwanted product or, in some cases, after testing, helps the customers make a purchasing decision.

Does New Look Company have a Return Policy?

New Look is one of the best fashion products international retailers, working in the United Kingdom. It was originally established in 1969, but now it is owned by the Brait SA company. They provide products for men, women, and also teens, style them and make them cool. 

This brand has a long chain of stores, more than 900 stores, all around the world. In addition, Its online website has provided its services in more than 66 countries, New look deals with millions of customers, and it has a great customer satisfaction rate. As it cares for its customers, it has a return policy for them. 

After receiving the New Look product, if somehow you don’t like it or you find some fault in it, you have the opportunity to return it through New Look return policy within the timeframe, or you called it a limited time offer of 14 to 28 days. The company policy tells the customer to notify it within 14 days and return the product within 28 days. 

New Look has two options for its customers who want to return the product. One is directly from its local store and second, through the internet means online. In addition to this, returning the product is a cost-free process for those who live in the United Kingdom. 

But there is a limitation that you have to return the product, whatever the reason is, within 28 days from the day of purchasing it. If you are using the online process of returning, then you must notify the company within 14 days of purchase. 

If you buy a product from local stores, 14 days is a limit to return the product, but only valid for an exchange or a credit note. On the other hand, if you buy third-party brand products, there is no other way except to return the product through the warehouse.

You will receive your refund within 14 days through the same payment method you used while purchasing the product. 

Does River Island Company have a Return Policy?

River Island is one of the leading fashion brands, mostly loved by people due to its stylish, affordable fashion. River Island started its work in the United Kingdom in 1948, so it served the world for 74 years with great credibility. As started in the UK, this brand is now operating in many countries around the world. 

River Island company has opened more than 350 stores worldwide. In addition to this, this company also manages 6 different online platforms for selling products to online consumers. This company not only offers amazing clothes; moreover, its footwear, bags, and accessories are also well-designed, up to date, and trendy. River Island never compromises on its products’ design, standard, and quality.

Moreover, River Island also has an amazing return policy for the ease of its customers. So, if you want to return a product that you don’t like, you can return it within 28 days of its purchase. The three limitations include that the returning product must not be used, contains a return label, and is in original packaging. 

But some products cannot be returned due to hygiene and health reasons like piercing jewellery, beauty products, etc. If the hygiene seal of products like swimwear or cosmetic items is broken, you cannot return them. For all your questions and issues, or if you want more information, you can read about its returns policy and any other change on the website online.

If you don’t like the product you have purchased, you can return it. River Islands returns help you return the product either in stores directly or requesting online on its website and then send the package through a carrier. You have to send the package within 28 days of its purchase and also attach proof of purchasing it. If you use the option of returning products through a carrier, you will receive a notification on your email after a successful return. 

After that, you will receive a refund; remember, River Island uses the same payment method to send a refund you have used while purchasing. 


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