Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 Review full-frame camera

Nikon Z7 review, I believe many people are familiar with it. The Nikon Z7 is the first batch of full-frame mirrorless cameras owned by Nikon. It has a relatively short launch, so the technology covered is very new. This camera has the selling point of high pixels and high image quality, so many people like to compare Nikon Z7 and Sony A7 R III. Today, we will put two cameras together to see what the difference is. If you want to buy one, which one is more suitable. Buy Nikon Z7 Online UK Sale

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01 The body is similar, the experience is very different

    Let’s start with the appearance experience of the Nikon Z7 and Sony A7R III cameras. Both cameras are professional-grade full-frame mirrorless cameras, so the exterior color scheme is black, which also conforms to the mainstream color scheme of the current camera. The appearance size and weight of the two cameras are relatively similar, including the two original 24-70mm F4 lenses that we selected are also similar in size and weight.

Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera
Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera

    Then comes the grip feeling. The grip feeling is mainly reflected in the design of the handle. If the handle has good ergonomics, the grip feel will be even better. The Nikon Z7’s handle is slightly longer than the Sony A7R III, and the thickness is similar. When holding, the Nikon Z7 gives the author a better grip feeling. Because of the slight difference in length, there is a certain gap in the user experience, especially in the long-term high-intensity shooting. Very important.

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    Another point is the controllability. Maneuverability is manifested in two aspects: button layout and touch. Both cameras have a rich layout of buttons. The number of buttons is similar to the number of dials, but the positions are slightly different. There is no obvious difference when adjusting.

Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera
Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera

    Both cameras support touch operation. The touch experience of the Nikon Z7 is in line with the mainstream configuration of current camera products. Whether it is adjusting the menu, changing settings, selecting the focus area or shooting, it can be done by touching, which is as simple as operating a mobile phone, so It meets the current user’s human-computer interaction needs. The touch of the Sony A7R III is single-point type. What does it mean? It can only be used to select the focus area. The enlarged photo can only be enlarged to 100% by double-clicking, and touch cannot be used in the menu. In 2020, users will definitely not buy this type of touch operation.

Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera

    Another small design is very important. Nikon Z7 has a shoulder screen. For professional users, the shoulder screen is very practical, especially when shooting long-exposure photographic subjects at night, the shoulder screen saves power and is convenient for users to view parameters and operate. So far, the Sony A7R IV camera still has not added the shoulder screen design.

02 The difference is 3 million pixels, and the details are obviously improved

    As we all know, both Nikon Z7 and Sony A7R III are high-pixel models. Nikon Z7 has a 45.75 million pixel design, and Sony A7R III has a 42.4 million pixel design. In fact, the pixel difference between the two cameras is only 3 million pixels. But it is the 3 million pixels that caused the obvious difference in the details of the photo.

Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera

    We were shooting at the same location and using the same parameters, including the lens aperture and focal length used, which were all exactly the same, so we got two almost identical photos. After 100% magnification, we specially captured some areas with rich details. You can see the contrast of these places at a glance. The Nikon Z7 takes photos with better details than the Sony A7R III, both in terms of sharpness and sharpness of details.

Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera

    For another set of comparisons, the shooting conditions are still the same, and the resulting structure is still the same. The photos taken by the Nikon Z7 can be viewed after 100% magnification, and you can get better details. This is very important for photographers, especially professional photographers, because the camera is their productivity tool.

03 Color, there is a difference between the two cameras

    For most photographers, the photos taken by the camera are in straight-out JPG format, so the straight-out photo quality of the camera is the imaging capability of this camera. Let’s take a look at how the direct JPG photos of Nikon Z7 and Sony A7R III perform.

    From this set of comparisons, we can see clues. First of all, the two cameras are professional-grade full-frame mirrorless cameras, and the natural imaging quality is not bad, and it is very good. But in terms of the color of the overall picture, the photos of the Sony A7R III are somewhat greenish. This is Sony’s consistent adjustment style, which is the case for many Sony models. The tonal performance of the Nikon Z7’s straight-out photos is more in line with the public aesthetic.

    We have another set of comparisons, and we can still see the same performance. Because the straight JPG photo is the photo after the camera captures the image, optimizes the brightness, contrast, color, etc. through the processor, and then encapsulates and compresses the photo. Therefore, the engineer adjusts the different, the final photo style will be different .

    This point cannot be intuitively said who is good and who is bad, because each user likes different colors, so I can only say that I prefer the color performance of the Nikon Z7’s straight-out photos.

04 Tolerance, Nikon’s housekeeping selling point

    Finally, let’s talk about the tolerance performance of the two cameras. Taking pictures in some environments with high light ratios, some of the highlights and dark details are easily lost when the camera records. If you shoot RAW files (files that record the original data of the camera environment), and the camera itself has excellent tolerance performance, then these The details can be corrected later. Tolerance is very important in such users as photographers.

    I have to say that the latitude performance of the Nikon Z7 is very good, and in the image circle, the latitude performance of Nikon’s professional cameras has always had a very high reputation. It can be seen that taking pictures in such a large light ratio environment, the Nikon Z7’s RAW files can restore the details more perfectly in the later stage, and the Sony A7R III is slightly inferior. In addition, after the restoration, the dark details of the Nikon Z7 did not increase too much noise, which is very important, which can help the photographer to make the photo more perfect in the later stage.

How to choose, I recommend to buy Nikon Z7 Online

    Seeing this, our comparison and introduction come to an end. On the whole, if you are choosing between Nikon Z7 and Sony A7R III, I recommend everyone to buy Nikon Z7.

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    First of all, Nikon Z7’s technology covers more comprehensive, such as touch operation, such as the shoulder screen, such as the focus window on the Z-mount lens, such as the built-in shooting function, etc., these are very obvious for the user’s daily experience improvement. Of course, the feeling of holding is even better, which is very important for users with higher camera intensity.

Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera

    Furthermore, the Nikon Z7 has more obvious details due to its pixel advantages. Not only can the details of the picture be preserved more clearly, but the sharpness of the details is also more powerful. Of course, the color adjustment of the camera itself is more in line with the public’s aesthetics, even if it is straight out of JPG, it also has a very good performance for users.

    Finally, the latitude of the camera itself has a good reputation in the industry, which is also one of the core advantages of Nikon cameras. For professional photographers, the ability in the later stage is very important. After all, many people rely on shooting to support their families. Therefore, a camera with excellent tolerance can help users to shoot in more demanding environments, and can bring better photo.

Details determine the success or failure of the Nikon Z7 full-frame camera

    In fact, Nikon Z7 has many advantages, such as the experience of transferring photos through Wi-Fi, the ultimate read and write speed brought by XQD card (of course the price does increase the cost), excellent focusing and continuous shooting performance, etc., these are in daily In the shooting, it can bring excellent user experience to users. The new Z mount will also be able to introduce lenses with larger apertures and better image quality in the future. Faced with so many advantages and selling points, are you excited?

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