Nikon Z6 advantage analysis why it is favored by photographers

With the increasing demand for lightweight travel, with a relatively small body and the same excellent picture quality, “micro-single” has been regarded as the overall development trend of the industry. As a century-old optical brand, Nikon, since the launch of the Z series micro-single in 2018, the three “Nijia” brothers Z 6, Z 7, and Z 50 have also become crazy pick models for photographers, whether for novices or professional users. , Whether it is focused on video shooting or biased photo shooting, Nikon Z series provide them with choices.

Nikon's full-frame micro Z6 advantage analysis why it is favored by photographers

        Among them, the Nikon Z 6 can be said to be the most versatile because of its comprehensive performance. In the ranking of Japanese Map camera sales last year , the Nikon Z 6, the best-selling Yodobashi Camera interchangeable lens digital camera in the first half of June, took the first place. This kind of market feedback is surprising, but there must be people who think about the advantages of the Nikon Z 6 that have won the hearts of photography enthusiasts.

1. The continuation of the Z series style has high control efficiency

        Nikon’s Z 6 and Z 7 were released at the same time. In terms of design, the two cameras are also like twins. Except for the model logo, they can be said to be exactly the same.

        Nikon Z6 ‘s handling is very good, it is not only suitable for many years of Nikon “SLR” party, but also very friendly to camera novices. The large handle of the fuselage brings a good grip. The button design of the whole fuselage is very reasonable. The commonly used functions have independent button settings, which are clearly marked and easy to adjust.

Nikon's full-frame micro Z6 advantage analysis why it is favored by photographers

        Moreover, the Nikon Z 6 continues the one-handed concept of the Nikon SLR system control design, most of the functions can be completed by one-handed operation, thereby improving the control efficiency and reducing the shooting adjustment process.

        The Nikon Z 6 is equipped with a large 2.1 million high-resolution foldable display that supports touch. The high resolution ensures a clear look and feel when playing back photos. The design of the folding screen facilitates the multi-angle viewfinder of photographers.

Nikon's full-frame micro Z6 advantage analysis why it is favored by photographers

        At the same time, the Nikon Z 6 is also a very practical machine with strong endurance. The magnesium alloy used in the fuselage controls the weight of the fuselage while ensuring the airtightness. Including the battery and memory card, the body weight of the Nikon Z 6 is 675g. Even though it is light in weight, the Nikon Z 6 is still dust-proof and water-resistant. For travel photographers, the Nikon Z 6 not only achieves a lightweight body, reduces the burden of travel, but also has high battery life and good sealing, which can accompany the photographer to deal with bad weather.

2. High performance, excellent ISO, wide range of available

        The Nikon Z 6 is equipped with a full-frame CMOS sensor, which is different from the Nikon Z 7 style with 45.75 million effective pixels. The Nikon Z 6 with approximately 24.5 million effective pixels has a wider ISO usable range. The standard sensitivity range can achieve ISO 100-51200. .

Nikon's full-frame micro Z6 advantage analysis why it is favored by photographers

        The performance of the Nikon Z 6’s noise control also benefits from the EXPEED 6 image processor, which can better help the lens and body to exert its noise control ability. As shown in the figure below, in order to ensure the hand-held shutter speed when shooting night scenes and low-light environments, the high sensitivity of ISO 5000 is used, and the final image is basically no noise.

3. Tolerance performance shows good dark part reduction ability

        Tolerance performance is a factor that many photography enthusiasts will consider when choosing a camera. When the camera’s latitude performance is excellent, it leaves us with more room for brightening the picture later, which can help us save photos with inconsistent exposure.

        Especially for landscape photographers, the performance requirements of the camera’s tolerance are higher. Landscape photographers often shoot sunrise, sunset, night city scenery and other scenes. The common point of these scenery is that there is a big gap between highlights and shadows. At this time, you need to use filters to balance this high contrast, but if the camera is tolerant If the degree is good, you can coordinate this light imbalance in post-processing.

Nikon Z6 advantage analysis why it is favored by photographers

        The Nikon Z 6 has an excellent high sense performance. The picture below is a picture we shot with Nikon Z 6, ISO 100, long exposure 60s. In the original picture, the ground is basically completely darkened, and it was brightened by Camera Raw by about 2 stops later . You can see the following comparison chart.

Z 6 starry sky real shots share why Nikon cameras are suitable for shooting scenery

        Nikon Z 6’s picture restoration ability is still satisfactory when photos are underexposed. The following is a screenshot of the details of the dark part after brightening:

From the starry sky to the journey, why do we say that Nikon cameras are suitable for landscape photography

        Thanks to the excellent tolerance performance, the color and details of the picture are still preserved after brightening, which solves a lot of troubles for users in later adjustments.

4. high-speed continuous shooting dynamic capture ability is good

        In Nikon’s Z series, if Nikon Z 7’s main feature is high pixels, then Nikon Z 6 is more high-speed. Compared with Nikon Z 7, Nikon Z 6’s continuous shooting speed is higher, increasing to 12 frames per second. . At the same time, Nikon Z 6 uses a 236-point hybrid focus system, which is more stable when tracking objects.

Nikon Z6 advantage analysis why it is favored by photographers

        In the Nikon Z series, Nikon uses a new hybrid focus system, which is a combination of phase focus + contrast focus focus mode. Nikon is also very careful about subsequent firmware upgrades. Not only has it added the function of detecting the face and eyes of cats and dogs to the Nikon Z 6, but also added eye detection autofocus when shooting still pictures. When creating portrait subjects, The efficiency is greatly improved.

5. Good 4K resolution and excellent 1080p upgrade capability

        The Nikon Z 6 is also a machine particularly suitable for video shooting. It supports 4K/30p, externally recorded 10bit 4:2:2 video shooting, and uses a full-frame 6K super-sampling 4K video output, not only the picture is not cropped, The quality is also better than traditional point-to-point sampling 4K video.

Nikon Z6 advantage analysis why it is favored by photographers

        The Nikon Z 6 also supports 1080p/120p high frame rate recording. For users who need to upgrade, there is a lot of room for post-production. In addition to the later stage of upgrading, some users have higher requirements for video tones. Nikon Z 6 also has an N-log curve. Video shooting has very high requirements for camera anti-shake performance. Nikon Z 6 is equipped with five-axis anti-shake on the fuselage. In ost cases, handheld shooting can also maintain the stability of the picture.

        In short, the Nikon Z 6 is a well-balanced camera, and it is very useful for photo and video users. Starting with Nikon’s Z 6, Nikon’s mirrorless series layout has basically taken shape. Excellent image quality is what Nikon has always insisted on, and we are also looking forward to Nikon’s next step.

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