Nike Miler T-Shirt & Tops Review

The Nike Miler T-Shirt is a wardrobe essential for any runner! It is lightweight and breathable for a minimal feel, and it provides sun protection and sweat-wicking capabilities for long-lasting comfort on the pavement, treadmill, or wherever you choose to work out! Don’t miss NIKE DISCOUNT CODE

Nike Miler T-Shirt Short-Sleeve Running Top

Nike miler Running T-Shirts

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Ventilated Flow

Brand-new, crimped-yarn-based fabrics generate airflow to keep you cool. The smooth texture reduces chafing throughout your runs.

Keep It Moving

The shoulder seams are folded back to allow for unfettered arm movement. A curved hem improves coverage in the back, whereas vents at the hem enhance mobility.

  • Dri-FIT technology allows you to remain dry, comfortable, and attentive.
  • Standard cut for a casual, relaxed feel
  • Low-visibility rear neck tape
  • “NIKE RUNNING” is printed on the neck tape.
  • Reflective elements


Material: 100% Pol

Nike Miler Tops

The dimensions listed on the sizing chart are body dimensions. Find your correct size in the following chart. Horizontally scroll to view further sizes.

Size Chart

  1. cm Size XXS XS S S Tall M M Tall L L Tall XL XL Tall 2XL 2XL Tall 3XL 3XL Tall 4XL 4XL Tall

Fit Tips

Tall Top Sizes (6’–6’5″/183–196cm approx.) are approximately 1.75″/4.5cm longer than standard tops. The sleeve length is proportionally altered based on the silhouette. Only certain styles are available in tall sizes.

If you are between sizes, order the smaller size for a snugger fit or the bigger size for a more relaxed fit. If your chest and waist measurements correlate to two distinct size recommendations, order the size suggested by your chest measurement.

How To Evaluate

Measure around the widest portion of your chest while keeping the measuring tape horizontal.

THE WAIST AROUND THE NARROWEST PORTION (usually where the body bends side to side) with the measuring tape horizontally.

Measure around the broadest portion of your hips while keeping the measuring tape horizontal.

Nike Miler T-Shirt Review

This loose-fitting tee looks casually fashionable and keeps you cool, all at an affordable price.


Loose-fitting, airy, and quick drying


Shoulder seams and lack of odor control.

Manufacturer: Nike



7.0 DRYING SPEED – 20%


Our Verdict

The Nike Miler runs well and is an excellent value. It is as fashionable and breathable as some of the more expensive shirts we reviewed. This slightly boxy shirt has a mesh strip on the lower back and a slightly cropped body that make it easily cool and a fantastic piece for transitioning from the gym to everyday life. It also dries sufficiently quickly for us to wear it on both highways and trails for backcountry runs.

Our Results from Analyses and Tests

The newest iteration of the Miler, a longtime favorite among runners, comes up to the anticipation. It is fashionable while also functioning well and is reasonably priced.

Performance Evaluation

Review of the Nike miler running shirt for women – we enjoy it when short sleeves cover enough of our upper arm…

We adore short sleeves that adequately cover our upper arms and lay flat. The shorter front hem length is also ideal when worn with running shorts or tights.


When evaluating comfort, we consider the fit, the construction, the quality, and the overall feel. The Miler excels in a few of these categories. With its baggier overall fit and somewhat cropped front, it has a noticeably different appearance than other shirts we examined, but we think this makes it comfortable to wear and adds a touch of style. It would match well with a pair of pants after a workout. We usually like when short sleeves are long enough to provide sun protection for our upper arms, and these are a terrific length.

The majority of the Miler’s seams are flat locked, which eliminates excess fabric that could potentially rub. However, unlike more expensive shirts, there are no arm gussets on this one. This indicates that there is a seam going down the length of your shoulder, which, if you are prone to chafing, may be problematic for extended distances when wearing a backpack or running vest.

This shirt is distinguished by the mesh panel that occupies more than half of the back. It features a curved seam at the top and a curved seam at the bottom, which hangs a few inches below the front hem. We think this is a nice element that adds to the shirt’s comfort by allowing air in. The remainder of the shirt is made of normal polyester with a considerable amount of elasticity. Although the mesh could conceivably catch, it is not at a location where this is likely to occur.


The Nike Miler T-shirt has a high rating for breathability thanks to the mesh panel and general loose fit. Although we could have chosen a lighter color to wear for testing in the desert heat of Bishop, California, we were nonetheless comfortable as the temperature rose during our runs.

Due to the shirt’s relaxed fit and slightly cropped front hem, a great deal of airflow is allowed through the mesh panel and up to the shirt’s hem. The normal polyester in the shirt’s main body is obviously less breathable than the mesh, but we believe it still functions admirably. It is a very regular weight for a running shirt, with a size small weighing 3.25 oz, placing it in the middle of the shirts we tested this season.

Upon careful inspection, it is possible to see through the mesh panel. This fabric and the fit’s moderate billowing allowed for a great deal of airflow, keeping us cool and dry.

Drying Rate

The Miler held its own against more expensive shirts in our test of drying speed. We soaked each shirt in a bucket of water, wrung them out by hand until there was no more water trickling out, and then hung them on a clothesline to dry while watching the clock. Several of the top performers crossed the finish line within minutes of one another, and this shirt also receives a great score for this metric.

Additionally, the mesh panel on the rear has a part in this category as well. This area of the shirt dried faster than the rest of the shirt, which was composed of a standard polyester with a tighter weave. In fact, we discovered that even sweaty areas beneath our running pack dried rapidly after removal. We never felt completely drenched in sweat, and the evaporative cooling effect of the rapid drying time was sufficient to keep us cool. This quality allows us to confidently recommend the Miler for wilderness travel, where a quick drying time is crucial for both safety and comfort.

Capabilities & Flexibility

While the majority of running shirts are simple (and we prefer them that way! ), there are a few extras that we appreciate. If you’re a nighttime runner, the Miler’s front and back reflective logos are a big benefit. Unlike many of the shirts we evaluate, this shirt’s fabric lacks odor-controlling properties. If you’ve worn 100% polyester shirts before, you know that they may become quite smelly after extended wear, and the odor doesn’t always come away with washing. While we did not detect any odor accumulation on this item, it is possible that it could develop with continued use.

Sun protection is a vital attribute to consider, and if you’re wearing a t-shirt instead of a tank top in the heat, you likely concur. We are pleased with the coverage offered by the sleeves and crewneck, but the mesh panel on the back is quite broad, and you should be aware that more sunlight will be able to penetrate this fabric. This shirt does not have a UPF rating, but ordinary polyester fabric has a UPF of 15 – it simply has not been tested for it.

Regarding versatility, this shirt has a few advantages and disadvantages. Style-wise, it suits well in a variety of contexts, including the gym, road jogging, hikes, and daily life. Also, because to its breathability and quickness of drying, we believe it can be an effective piece of outdoor gear for day trekking or running. However, the seam placement along the tops of the shoulders may dissuade you from bringing this on longer adventures, such as camping vacations. Many of us participate in a range of sports, however this shirt is not suitable for rock climbing or snow sports. The shorter front hem that we prefer for jogging will not remain in place under a harness, and the mesh will be ineffective throughout the winter.


The Nike Miler T-shirt is a wonderful deal, especially when you consider that you may frequently get it on sale due to its popularity. It is comfortable, fashionable, and keeps you cool while jogging, its primary purpose. We believe that you will appreciate this shirt from spring to fall and that it will satisfy most of your performance needs.


The Nike Miler T-shirts receives consistent ratings across all our measures and is priced affordably. This is the one we recommend if you’re not seeking to spend a ton of money but require good performance.


The Nike Miler T shirt is renowned for its quality, durability, and fitness-related effectiveness.

However, there are now items that may be worn in everyday life and even on fewer formal occasions.

We will explain what distinguishes one model from another and how to choose the best The Nike Miler T-shirt

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