MyGirlFund Social Networking: Finding a Platonic Romance

Full-time “Internet Girlfriend” under the pseudonym Lauraleigh works on a social networking site called MyGirlFund. The MyGirlFund website is designed for men and women to chat and interact via text messages and videos. Under normal circumstances, the male user pays for the woman he likes to chat with them via the Internet.

In the past six years, MyGirlFund website has formed a unique community with its own management order and trading rules. Although it may involve “pornographic video chats”, what is even more interesting here is the “Platonic romance” formed by men and women on the site.

MyGirlFund’s website is registered with about 8,200 female users of various backgrounds, and 15,000 new male registered users are added every month. Members can buy credits priced at $ 1 per unit and spend them inside. The site’s rules prohibit users from exchanging personal information and meeting in private.

“Communicate with real people, not porn stars”

Without physical contact, but with cash transactions, this mode of communication can sometimes allow both parties to maintain online lovers relationships for months or years.

It may seem a little weird for men to give money to women they have never met. The website ’s founder and CEO Brian said, “Men give girls money, sometimes to communicate with them, sometimes to help them, such as helping them pay school fees or speeding tickets, etc. To win their favor. “

He said that the site is not only a unique social network but that it “authorizes these girls to become autonomous economies. People can chat with real people here, not porn stars.”

They are not models or “erotic artists.” They are girls next door-most girls work in their own homes.

Earning PhD Tuition with MyGirlFund

Laura Leigh has been on the MyGirlFund website for three years. Previously, she served in the military for two years and served as a security guard for three years after retirement. Recently, she started pursuing a PhD in human genomics.

Although the site prohibits meeting in private, she says it’s easy to make friends with people. “I like to chat, I like to talk about Shiraz. And, I’m also very stupid. Other girls will always promote the service content, and I will only wait for customers to come up first.” “Service content” here refers to women Kids tout videos and photos.

On this site, it’s not just men chasing women. Since there are more male users than females here, women need to adopt some marketing techniques to boost their market demand. “Here you have a lot of ways to market yourself, such as sending messages to customers, posting posts, etc.” Laura Leigh said.

The MyGirlFund website can bring a considerable income to women, enough to attract them to work full time here. Now, this is Lauraleigh’s only source of income, but it is enough to support her and her six-year-old daughter “in a city with a higher standard of living.” She did not want to disclose specific income figures, but she said, “Looking at my income level over the years, it is enough to prove that investing time and energy here can greatly improve life.”

Earn $ 55,000 without leaving home

It is difficult to estimate how much a woman in this industry can earn in a year. Because some women do it only occasionally, and some do it as a profession. But a full-time female user has said anonymously that she can make $ 40,000- $ 55,000 a year on MyGirlFund.

Kandidreams, another female user of MyGirlFund’s website, 27 years old, has worked here for three years. She introduced her actual life situation. “I’m a full-time mother with two children.” She said, “I look after the housework, and my husband goes to work to make money. We have to support the children, the house and the pet dog together. To be honest, I am a typical daytime Full-time mom. “

She was previously a body puncher and worked for a tattoo studio for several years. Later, she found that she didn’t like the business. MyGirlFund “is a work unit that I am interested in and my husband also supports. If I tell him I am going to start work, he will take care of the child actively, so that I will have enough time to video chat with men online.” she says.

The money she makes on the site has greatly improved the quality of their family life. “It really does make up for the family,” she said. “If it weren’t for making a little extra money here (MyGirlFund), this Christmas just past would have been very difficult.”

“We don’t need advertising or user data”

When it comes to profitability, MyGirlFund has huge potential. Stefan, the site’s head of business development, said, “No one wants to pay for interaction, so Facebook has to launch ads and sell user data. But men are willing to pay to chat with their favorite girl if he can get a warm response. We don’t need advertising or user data, so our website is clean. “

The MyGirlFund team believes that the site is really very different. Most adult sites sell primarily specific content; but Stefan and Brian believe that “selling content is not a good business model.” Instead, they researched “the characteristics of the adult world and social networks” and began to focus on ” User relationships “to create new business models.

MyGirlFund is the best website for a long-term online love relationship.

Just as the traditional relationship may end without problems, the relationship on MyGirlFund may also fall apart. Lauraleigh said she had broken up with a British man on the MyGirlFund website. “That feels terrible, and I cried foolishly. It sounds silly, but he is really a good man, and I really talk about everything. But suddenly, he didn’t log in again. For months in a row, I kept sending him messages, hoping that he would change his mind and log in again, but there was no news. To be honest, I would even go to Britain for him. “

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