Huawei Watch GT2 Red White New Color

On April 8, 2020, at the domestic press conference of the Huawei P40 series, two new Huawei Watch GT2 colors (frosted white/chestnut red) were unveiled on the same stage. The new color Huawei WatchGT2 belongs to the 42mm series. It uses a champagne gold metal case and a white and reddish-brown leather strap. It shows a trendy texture and is very suitable for spring and summer fashion. In addition to high appearance, the new colors of Huawei WatchGT2 continue to evolve in sports, health, and other aspects, bringing more scenes and more intimate experiences to users.

 Movement without boundaries, 100 new sports modes, and 6 automatic recognition

    Nowadays, people’s choices for sports are more diversified. On the basis of the original 15 types, Huawei WatchGT2 has added 85 new custom modes, including parkour, hip-hop, skateboarding, rock climbing, and another extreme, leisure, fitness, water sports, ball games, The six types of sports such as ice and snow events, whether it is urban streets or uphills or down the sea, always have sports patterns matching. At the same time, Huawei WatchGT2 also adds 6 kinds of sports mode recognition, namely outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, indoor running, elliptical machine, and rowing machine. There is no need to manually select the exercise mode. Just start the exercise to automatically recognize it. Sports experience Smarter. During exercise, Huawei Watch GT2 will record real-time heart rate, exercise time, calories burned, and other data, and provide reminders of recovery time, high or low heart rate, and reduce the risk of exercise. It can be called a personal trainer. Such a comprehensive professional sports mode, automatic identification, and data recording make sports play without boundaries.

    Health management evolves, new female menstrual cycle management

    All-round health management has always been the highlight of Huawei WatchGT2, which provides intimate protection for users in terms of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and sleep. This new color of Huawei WatchGT2 adds the function of women’s menstrual cycle management, bringing women’s health care. Women in the city are busy with work and life, lack of care for their bodies, and easily overlook the time of their menstrual period. Huawei WatchGT2 can obtain calendars such as menstrual period length and cycle length, as well as cycle forecasts, including menstrual reminders and fertility reminders, to reduce forgetting menstrual period time, which is very considerate for urban women.

    In addition, the heart health research of 301 Hospital continues to upgrade, adding atrial fibrillation risk prediction 1, for users with atrial fibrillation history, they can predict the risk of future atrial fibrillation attacks and give early warning. Since October 2018, Huawei has joined the heart health research project of 301 Hospital. Wearable devices based on Huawei WatchGT2 support functions such as screening for atrial fibrillation and premature beats. As of February 29, 2020, 1.11 million+ people have joined the research. The new color of Huawei WatchGT2 also supports blood oxygen saturation detection and the sleep apnea risk study of 301 Hospital. The addition of this new function is believed to enable Huawei WatchGT2 to bring a better experience in health management.

    The new color scheme is simple and fashionable, and the dynamic dial shows a trendy texture

    Because of its simple and stylish appearance, Huawei WatchGT2 has been favored by many celebrities and fashionistas. The new colors of the Huawei WatchGT2 released this time are divided into chestnut red and frosty white. The champagne gold metal dial is matched with a reddish brown and white leather strap, which is more fashionable. In addition, the new color of Huawei WatchGT2 also adds a dynamic dial, which looks very smart and dreamy. The one-touch dial change function meets the needs of people’s customization. The photo can be converted into the dial background through the mobile phone’s NFC function. If you are a designer, you can also design and make by yourself, which looks more personal. The 42mm dial size is small and exquisite, which is more suitable for women and men with small wrists. Whether it is OL style, European style, Japanese style and Korean style, it can be easily held, creating a fashionable style!

    With the addition of so many new scenarios, the battery life of Huawei WatchGT2 has not diminished at all. According to Huawei laboratory tests, it can reach a week of battery life under typical use conditions. Under GPS independent exercise status, it can achieve 15 hours of battery life, which is far enough for a marathon and other comparisons. Long exercise. How can such an outstanding watch not be loved? It is understood that the new Huawei WatchGT2 (42mm) color matching chestnut red and frosty white is priced at 1588 yuan. The pre-sale will start at 22:08 on April 8th and will officially go on sale at 00:00 on April 15th. The e-commerce platform can be purchased at all Huawei authorized experience stores and authorized retail stores.

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