How to use hair dryer safely

       When it comes to hair care, it is natural to wash, cut, and blow, especially for women, hair dryers are indispensable. So How to use hair dryer safely?

       Now I will introduce to you How to use hair dryer safely.

Tools/raw materials

  • Use distance
  • Use gear
  • Duration of use

Electric hair dryers are electrical appliances used in homes to blow dry hair, fix hairstyles, and dry wet items, and to blow out the dust in some items (for example, they can be used to blow out the dust in TV sets and radios when working in cold blowing).

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The structure of the electric hair dryer is simple. It is equipped with a spiral heating wire at the front and a small motor with fan blades at the rear of the heating wire.

Two sets of switches (or a set of two-speed switches) are installed on the handle of the hair dryer to control the blowing of cold air, hot air and switches.

When using a hair dryer, please note that the power cord must be well insulated, and there should be no exposed copper wires. Do not block the rear vents (air intakes) during use to prevent damage to the blower due to excessive load and temperature rise.

The time of each use should not be too long, and the long-term continuous use should generally not exceed one hour. Pay attention to moisture, pressure, and water ingress during storage.


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