How to use credit cards correctly?

Credit card is a kind of credit card business that young people like to use, but many young people do not understand how to use credit cards, causing terrible behaviors such as overdue. So let’s take a look at what matters to pay attention to when using credit cards.

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How to use credit cards Method/Step

Correctly understand the billing date and repayment date. Credit cards have the function of spending first and then repaying, but you must pay attention to the billing date and repayment date. The billing date is the day when the total consumption in this billing cycle is spent, and the repayment date is the day when the money is paid off. Generally speaking, the biller and the repayment date are about 50 days apart.

Correctly understand the repayment amount and minimum repayment amount. The repayment amount is the total amount you want to repay the bill in this period, and generally need to be paid off. But there is also a minimum repayment amount, generally 10% of the repayment amount. After this amount is paid off, the credit card will not be considered overdue, but the interest on the remaining amount is high. Use it with caution

Correctly understand credit card bill installment. Instalment of credit card bills is generally when the amount of the current bill is large, and it is unable to directly repay the payment. It can be solved by installment repayment, but it should be noted that the interest of the instalment repayment is calculated on a monthly basis, and the real interest rate is higher.

Correctly understand credit card withdrawals. In addition to the overdraft function, a credit card generally has a cash withdrawal function. The cash withdrawal limit is generally 50% of the total amount of the credit card, and some credit cards can withdraw cash in full. However, cash withdrawal requires a cash withdrawal fee of about 1%, plus a daily interest of 50,000. If there is no way, try not to withdraw cash.

Keep credit cards and text messages properly. When swiping the card, pay attention to the confidentiality of the password and the security of the credit card. When signing, carefully verify the amount of the card to prevent multiple and wrong swipes. The security code on the back of the credit card should be kept confidential and not let others know, and the relevant SMS reminder of the credit card should also be kept confidential and not be seen by others.

If the credit card is lost, report the loss immediately, and then apply for a new card. When you decide to stop using the credit card, you must log out. You can log out by phone or go to the branch counter to log out. It should be noted that after logging out, you must cut the card yourself to prevent it from being used by bad guys.

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