How to use an electric shaver

he easy-to-use electric shaver is popular with men. But if it is not used correctly, it is easy to cause damage to the electric shaver itself and its own health, so how should it be used?

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       Now let me introduce you to the specific method of how to use the electric shaver.

Tools/raw materials

  • Use force
  • Use front cleaning
  • Clean the inside of the fuselage


  1. Use force there is a thin metal mesh cover outside the blade of the electric shaver. Although it is light, thin and has tension and toughness, it should also be attentive. It should not be too large to prevent the deformation of the mesh cover and the collision of the blade. It is both a machine and a human body. Kind of damage.
  2. Before using the electric shaver, first clean and dry the face and beard to prevent the dirt and sweat in the beard hair follicles from mildewing and corroding the blades inside the fuselage.
  3. When using an electric shaver, pay attention to wear and life. Regular shaving has a beneficial and regular metabolism, but if the interval is too long, the beard will also be longer, so that when shaving will produce a certain resistance to the cutter head, it is necessary to choose between personal metabolism health and the life of the cutter head .
  4. After using the electric shaver, be sure to develop a good habit of cleaning the beard inside the body immediately, which can not only reduce the frictional friction loss of the bearing, but also ensure that the inside of the body does not produce a lot of mildew and bacteria .
  5. For those with batteries at the moment, you need to pay attention to the remaining power in time. For old-fashioned batteries, if they are not used for a long time, you need to remove the batteries to prevent leakage.END


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