How to run to lose weight?

Obesity is a major problem that plagues modern people. Running can undoubtedly be effective for fitness and show a good figure. However, many dieters often fail to lose weight after running, and even appear to gain weight. The following is a detailed description of How to run to lose weight to be the most effective.


  • Perseverance
  • MP3 or treadmill


First choose a time to run. Some people say it depends on the biological clock. In fact, the best time to exercise is five o’clock in the afternoon. At this time, body temperature and physical condition are most suitable for jogging.

Secondly, when running, learn to adjust one’s own state. Put MP3 in your ears and imagine yourself running in your mind, which is beneficial for runners to persist for a longer time.

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It is best to keep running for about 20 minutes. Pro-testing for 20 minutes is most effective. To jog, exercise perseverance and perseverance at the same time can have the effect of losing weight.

Do not squat down or lie down to rest immediately after running, as this is not conducive to adjusting your breathing. Keep walking fast and adjust your body during walking.

Exercise restraint after running. It is advisable to drink mineral water. Don’t drink carbonated drinks and eat high-calorie foods, otherwise it is easy to give up our efforts.

Of course, everyone can use a treadmill to exercise indoors. Pay attention to space heat dissipation during indoor exercise, otherwise you will easily get colds and other diseases.

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According to my own test, running is often effective after a month to lose weight. Everyone has to stick to it!

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