How to make black tea is best to drink

The brewed black tea is not good, the main reason is that the quality of the tea is not good.Generally speaking, the thicker the golden circle in the tea soup, the better the quality of the tea. The next more important key is water quality, water temperature, amount of tea and soup time.

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  1. It is recommended that you buy a white porcelain bowl or simply buy an elegant cup, which is convenient for pouring the tea after brewing.
  2. When choosing tea sets, we must first choose convenience, and second, choose heat preservation, even heat dissipation, and can fully brew black tea.
  3. Water quality is the most likely to affect the taste, aroma and color of tea soup. It is more suitable to use spring water, well water and stream water for making tea.
  4. Put 3-5 grams of tea, the ratio is that if you like to drink strong tea, you can put more, if you like to drink lighter, you can put a little less, if there are more people, just increase the number of people in this ratio.
  5. The temperature of general black tea is controlled at about 80 degrees or 85 degrees. It is not recommended to brew with high-temperature boiling water. Black tea brewed with boiling water will have a bitter feeling.
  6. I recommend using high-flush water for the water injection method. If you flush from high to bottom, the tea leaves that can be fully contacted by the water can make tea better. Low-pour tea can keep the aroma of tea soup and taste black tea better.

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