How to make black coffee with a coffee machine?

Use the coffee machine to brew a pot of black coffee in 3 minutes.


  • Coffee powder
  • An appropriate amount of pure water
  • Amount of milk

How to make black coffee Method/Step

  • Prepare the coffee machine.
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  • Pour in the coffee powder. Note that the ground coffee beans are used here, not instant coffee. According to one’s own taste, generally speaking, half a funnel should be filled.
  • Add water to the water tank of the coffee machine, and it should not exceed the maximum water level of the coffee machine. It cannot be less than the lowest watermark. It is recommended to use purified water or water treated by a water purifier.
  • Hold the spout with your hand, and place the spout towards the coffee powder, and then close the top cover.
  • Plug in the coffee machine and press the start button. After about two minutes, the coffee is fully brewed. Black coffee is brewed. You can add pure milk according to your taste. The higher the milk ratio, the more fragrant the coffee.


Note the use of coffee powder ground from coffee beans, not instant coffee.

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