How to maintain curly hair? How to maintain hair after curling?

How to maintain curly hair, Many MMs like to curl their straight hair, and curly hair is more youthful and lively. But too many curls will affect the quality of your hair. Serious hair ends will turn yellow, and then many split ends will break easily, so you need to take care of your curls.

How to maintain curly hair Method/Step

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First, use hot blanching when blanching rolls. The potion is better.

Hot rolls are generally hot and cold, but the editor recommends to use hot blanching. Then, during the blanching process, the hot rolls must be good, so don’t go to unfamiliar barbershops for hot rolls, otherwise No matter how well you take care of it later, your hair is basically a pile of dead grass.

Second, use special shampoo for curly hair

In the shampoo category, there are special types for curly hair, so you can use special shampoo for curly hair when you wash your hair. This supermarket’s shampoo section is available, and you don’t need to do it in the barbershop. I bought it.

Third, use a special conditioner for curly hair after shampooing

After shampooing basically use hair conditioner, and that you are doing curls in the process, barber shop pro would highly recommend their home to you all kinds of hair conditioner, a definite recommendation to withstand Kazakhstan, Just don’t choose, you can choose at the supermarket, and the price is very close to the people.

Fourth, use elastin for hair that is slightly dry

After shampoo is used up, clean the hair. Never leave any residue. Be sure to wash it. After cleaning, use elastin when the hair is slightly dry . The hair should be slightly curled during use. There are curling and pulling processes. It’s the best.

Fifth, use essential oils for dry hair

Use essential oils when your hair is dry. You can use them for hair care or use them yourself. It doesn’t need too much, just an appropriate amount.

Sixth, try not to use a hairdryer, except for the final style

For curly hair, it is generally recommended that you use a hair dryer to blow styling curly hair, but if you use a hair dryer more, your hair will be dry, rough, and yellow. So minimize the use of hair dryers, except for the final style.

Seventh, don’t repeat the curls, cut the split ends regularly

Don’t repeat curling hair, especially if there are more split ends, you must trim it in time, otherwise the split ends of the hair will become more and more, and it will break easily . So reduce the number of curls and trim the split ends in time.


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