How to Get Better at Your Favourite Games

Gaming is a popular pastime the world over, but that’s not to suggest that it’s merely a casual pursuit. Many gamers, irrespective of their chosen title, find greater joy in consistently improving their skill-base in their favourite games. At the extreme end of this spectrum, some gamers may even choose to take their passion into the realm of pro gaming – but getting there can be a long and convoluted process if you don’t know where to begin.

Whether you’re a casual gamer who just wants to improve, an avid player who wishes for nothing more than to defeat their opponents, or a pro-gamer looking for that vital cue on how to take their gameplay to the next level, we’ve got you covered below.

Research and Education

Learning is a vital component for improvement in most pursuits, whether it’s applied to chemistry or playing chess. Depending on the game in question, ‘hitting the books’ can look quite different. After all, an avid fan of the game Scrabble may be best served by paging through the dictionary in the hope of learning new and obscure words to employ. Conversely, an esports athlete may instead focus on learning the underlying meta of their game in order to better exploit it during competitive play.

Fortunately, the internet is a remarkable resource for learners of all persuasions, and with the right search queries you can normally find anything online, from compelling discounts to vital information that can help you become a better player. 

Take the game of poker for example – while this game has a relatively simple basic rule-set, the psychological dimensions of the game make it, at times, closer to an artform. Players wanting to move beyond basic strategy would do well in this case to peruse the free resources provided by reputable platforms like PokerStars which offers a number of improvers classes specifically for this purpose.

Likewise, the video sharing platform YouTube can serve as an excellent source of information on all aspects of gameplay. In a few clicks you’re likely to find popular videos created by experts on your chosen game, rich with tips and advice on how to take your play to the next level.

Play Opponents that Challenge You

When we get good at a task, it can be tempting to want to stay in our comfort zone. With respect to games, this can be particularly appealing as a player of basic competence normally has all the skill they need at their disposal to dispatch beginners without breaking a sweat. While there is genuinely some benefit to playing at this level, as it creates extra space for more experienced players to experiment and try out different approaches, alone it will not push you to become a better player.

Instead, you need to seek out players who are of a similar or higher level to you if you really want to advance. Defining the overall skill of a player is a difficult thing to do as there are many metrics by which this can be measured. It may well be that you’re a better player than the majority of your opponents when it comes to specific maps or tactics. 

The magic happens when you find a player that is able to push you to identify and then target your own weaknesses and deficiencies. Without this, it’s unlikely you will be able to iron these flaws out on your own.

Many games offer ranking systems that are designed to consistently match you against players of a similar level. It’s good to play ranked games whenever you feel able to, as it’s in this arena that you will be able to test your abilities against others.

Some games, like Chess, even feature a highly specific rating system that lets you determine a precise numeral value as to your skill level. Using this can be instructive, as it can let you see whether players you’re matching with are of a similar level, or considerably higher.


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