How to Enjoy a Budgeted Stay in Peterborough with Luxury Like 5 Star

Traveling for work and traveling with family are two different things. Usually, business-related trips do not last long, but when traveling with your family after months of planning and postponing, you wouldn’t want to plan anything for less than five days. 

But when you think there is no other alternative for a hotel, you might be missing out on an affordable yet luxurious option. Serviced Apartments are like cheap hotel rooms that are a great alternative to premium Airbnb that provides almost the same kind of comfort and services at a cost much lower than a hotel. 

If you are considering coming to Peterborough with your family for a vacation, here are the reasons why you should consider staying in serviced apartments, similar to the cheap hotels in Peterborough, with luxurious facilities:

Enormously spacious:

Unlike hotels, where you are bound by a room and attached washroom, serviced accommodation comprises kitchen, washroom, living room, and bedrooms. 

That is why serviced apartments are a great option when you’re traveling with family or your buddy group. So you will be enjoying a fine stay, similar to a home, in a more luxe way. 


Choose stays where they can put themselves in your shoes to provide you with the most comfortable stay. Staying at a serviced accommodation provides you with all the amenities to make your stay easier at the price of a cheap hotel in the UK

Fully Furnished:

You can pretty much enjoy a workcation or complete your deadlines in the fully furnished apartments, consisting of fresh towels, refrigerators, washing machines, and television sets.

The regular maintenance service and facilities that ensure your room is dry and comfortable are not often provided in the hotel rooms. 

Centre location:

If you are traveling for vacation purposes, Peterborough has a lot to offer. Hence, you will want to find a centrally located place near the center of attraction, so that you don’t have to spend much on traveling. The service apartments are centrally located, making it easier for the guests to travel and visit top tourist destinations around the city.

Serviced apartments are the best option for choosing a comfortable stay at a budgeted price. For example, you get privacy and comfort at half the cost of the luxe hotels in Peterborough, UK. 

So here are some things you would like to consider before choosing your serviced apartment:

  • If you are staying for a longer duration, ensure you get your room serviced regularly.
  • Choose the service apartment with a fully functional kitchen if you plan to cook for yourself and others.
  • A fully furnished apartment building will provide you with a parking facility.


It’s always better to spend your money on exotic food, spas, or traveling around the city instead of spending your whole budget on a stay. However, you must never miss the option of efficient cost-saving when you get the option of choosing a relaxing stay and low prices. Once you live here, you will understand why these accommodations are better than 5-star hotels in Peterborough, which fail to give a homestay feel despite having all the excess luxury like pools, gyms, and bars!


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