How to eat hot pot without body smell how to eliminate the smell of clothes

Winter is a good time to eat hot pot. Greedy editors will not give up eating hot pot~ I have eaten three hearty hot pot feasts this month. Unfortunately, after eating hot pot, there is always a heavy smell on the body. Winter clothes are particularly difficult to wash. So How to eat hot pot without body smell? How to eliminate the smell of clothes? The water bottle editor will help you.

How to eat hot pot without body smell how to eliminate the smell of clothes

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Method 1 cover up by spraying perfume

After eating hot pot, there is a smell in the body, but also anxious to go to other places to socialize. The best way is to spray perfume. The strong perfume will cover up the hot pot smell on your body. Finally wear the clothes home and wash thoroughly. This is a way to cure the symptoms but not the root cause.

Method 2 Hang clothes in a ventilated place overnight

There is no doubt that the unpleasant odor on the body after eating the hot pot is due to the hot gas from the hot pot, which is attached to the pores of the clothes. If you want to get rid of the smell, you can hang the clothes in a relatively ventilated place and blow them. After a while, the odor on the clothes will fade and disappear.

Method 3 Hang clothes in the bathroom

We can also use water vapor to absorb odors on clothes. Most people can’t avoid taking a bath after going home after eating hot pot, so there must be a lot of water vapor in the bathroom after taking a bath. At this time, hang the clothes in to absorb the smell on the clothes. Editor’s suggestion: It is best to hang it close to the shower. When the moisture has dispersed, the clothes will naturally have no odor.

Method 4 spray with lemon juice

For the hot pot smell on clothes, we can also use this method: fresh lemon chopped (if there is no such condition, you can directly use lemon fragrance) to take out the liquid, add water to mix, use a small cosmetic bottle to spray on the clothes, and then Hanging the clothes outside to ventilate can remove odor in a shorter time than step 1.

Method 5 Use hair dryer to drive off odor

Put the clothes in your pocket and tie them around. Then use a high-power hair dryer to blow into the inside, and seal the pocket after blowing. Because the local temperature is relatively high, some water vapor will be generated. The water vapor will take away the water vapor on the sealed clothes to achieve the effect of eliminating odor.

Friendly suggest that you want to finish the hot pot, the tasteless hot pot restaurant is the key

Why is there no taste on my body ? Finally tell everyone that eating hot pot does not mean that it will leave a taste on the body. Some relatively high-end hot pot restaurants are better at ventilating, and can absorb the hot air from the hot pot in time to prevent the hot pot from leaving odors on the body.

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