How to decorate a new wedding house

       How to decorate the new wedding house ideally and beautifully before getting married? It is generally believed that indoor furnishings should be few and precise, practical and not flashy, harmonious but not complex, elegant, and not vulgar. It is necessary to make the room big and small, quiet in the midst of trouble, full of new ideas, and comfortable living.

       Now let me introduce you to the specific method of how to arrange a new wedding house.

Tools/raw materials

  • Less and better
  • Practical but not flashy
  • Harmony but not complicated
  • Elegant but not vulgar


The interior furnishings should be few and precise, that is, furniture should be used as little as possible except for beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. This not only makes the room more spacious and refreshing, but also because new products are constantly appearing, and they will be gradually added in the future to make the room often new, so as not to worry about backward objects in the future.

Practical but not flashy, is to make indoor utensils have better use value, not just decorations. Of course, hanging pictures on the wall and putting small decorations on the table can increase the interest of life, but too many disproportionate decorations often cannot increase the beauty but will give people a cumbersome and exaggerated feeling. Place the plaster, clay sculptures, wood carvings, etc. on the table. It is better to choose a beautiful alarm clock or a delicate table lamp, which is more clean and has two effects, practical and decorative.

Best decorate set a new wedding house

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Harmony is not complicated, that is, the colors of bed sheets, curtains, lampshades, and walls in the room must be unified in a certain pattern and color. For rooms facing east, blue, green, and blue are used; the north, red, orange, and yellow are used; for the south, gray, white and other neutral colors are used. But pay attention to the color must be light, especially the large wall. Sometimes, individual, small-area lampshades and decorations, using some contrasting colors, can achieve a unique and striking effect.

Elegant but not vulgar, that is, the objects in the room should be placed where they want. Take furniture as an example, the layout should be staggered, there are scattered and dense, horizontal and vertical lines should be matched, and the size should be split. Take the tabletop as an example, the things you place should be balanced, put one end big and light, the other small, heavy and the other, put this end upright, and put the end low and flat, which will give people stability and Feeling comfortable.

As a new house, there should naturally be a new house atmosphere in the newly-married stage, and the colors can be vivid and warm. However, if you want to gradually put it away in the future, the living room should still be quiet.


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