How to cut pomegranate? The best way to cut the pomegranate

Pomegranate is deeply loved by many friends because of its rich nutrients and certain medicinal effects. The only flaw is that the skin of the pomegranate is not easy to handle. Today I will teach my friends how to cut pomegranate

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① Make a cross cut on the top of the pomegranate, being careful not to cut the pulp.

②Remove the top and dispose of the middle core

③Slowly cut the skin in a circular shape at the bottom of the pomegranate, without cutting the skin and the flesh too deeply.

④ Use a knife to cut the pomegranate skin along the white tendons of the pomegranate

⑤ Use the tip of a knife to gently cut off the inner white tendons

⑥After the white tendons are cut, the pomegranate will bloom slightly along the cut shape

⑦You don’t need to work hard, it will bloom like a flower with a single click. Enjoy your food

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