How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Furniture

       Furniture is not only people’s daily necessities, but also interior decorations. To take good care of furniture, you should understand the common sense of furniture maintenance.

       Now let me introduce you to the specific method of how to clean and maintain wooden furniture.

Avoid strong sunlight

It is not advisable to place high cabinet furniture in front of the window, or low furniture such as writing desks or beds. The desk should be covered with tablecloth.

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Pay attention to the indoor air dry humidity

According to the requirements of wood moisture content, if the indoor humidity is too high or the humidity is too high, it will have an adverse effect on the furniture. Therefore, do not put the furniture close to the stove and the heater, or put the furniture in a dark corner with high humidity, so as to avoid cracks in the furniture, or inflexible doors, drawers, paint peeling, and fading.

Protect oil color

The surface of the furniture cannot be rubbed with hot water or alkaline water, nor can it be scrubbed with alcohol, gasoline or banana water. If you need to remove dust and stains, you can first scrub with mild soapy water, then wash with clean water, and wipe with a soft gauze. After drying, it is better to apply another layer of polished wax polish.

Pay attention to the choice of cover

The cover plate and table top of furniture should not be covered with plastic cloth and paper to prevent the paint film from sticking out and loss of finish for a long time. If you need pads and masks, you can use knitwear or cloth tablecloths. One can absorb moisture, and the other can enter the air to keep the surface of the furniture shiny.

Update paint

After using the furniture for many years, when you want to repaint, first remove the dust and dirt, then use 120 grains of zero-sized sandpaper, sand evenly, and have a light hand, and finally use a brush to remove the sanded dust. Only the same kind of original paint used in furniture can be painted.


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