How to choose a washing machine

At home, it is indispensable to cook. For people who have precious time and limited energy at present, laundry is always a machine to complete things, so how to buy a washing machine?

       Now let me introduce you to the specific method of how to buy a washing machine.

In terms of type, the washing machine is generally a pulsator and a drum. The pulsator type washing machine is relatively simple and can be completely controlled by others, but the disadvantage is that someone must be there.

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At present, with the technological innovation, even the drum-type washing machine is also developing in the direction of multi-function, such as twin drum washing machine, washing, drying, nursing care, small capacity single cylinder can wash children or underwear, relatively thin Clothing.

But one thing to note is that no matter what type of washing machine is selected, it is necessary to determine in advance whether the size that is placed and reserved is appropriate. Another point is that many people will make space for built-in washing machines for decoration when they are beautiful, but this will also have a problem in the future. After outdated and outdated old washing machines, the development trend of washing machines will develop vertically, such as Gemini multi-function washing machine, so in the future will restrict the replacement of the washing machine in the home.

When choosing a washing machine, if the size, type, style, and style are all determined, then the next step is to choose the appearance color, either in accordance with the relationship with the adjacent hue, or whether it will change over time, such as pure white It will turn yellow after a long time.

When buying a washing machine, in addition to shopping online and offline, the focus is on after-sales. Because the quality of the major home appliances brands is not bad at the moment, the price is one aspect. The key is to look at after-sales, such as logistics and distribution, return and exchange, installation and commissioning, and maintenance. In addition to buying high-quality and cost-effective household appliances, you also have to buy the future After-sales, because after-sales is a big expense.


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