How to Choose a Refrigerator

       Household refrigerators are indispensable appliances in family life, so How to Choose a Refrigerator?

       Now let me introduce you to the specific method of how to choose a refrigerator


When choosing a refrigerator, the first consideration is the location and size of the refrigerator at home. After all, the size of the home is limited, and the relationship between the placement of the refrigerator and the location of the surrounding home furnishings is very important, otherwise it will have to be returned and replaced after the size is not suitable.

When choosing a refrigerator, please first consider the effective volume of food that can be stored inside the refrigerator. It is advisable for a household refrigerator to occupy an effective volume of 30 to 40 liters per person.

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In addition, when viewed from the outside, the surface should be smooth, the paint coating should be scooped, and the various structures should be complete without loose rust. The inner liner of the refrigerator should be free of cracks, the door can be opened flexibly and the sealing performance is good. When the door leaves the door frame of the cabinet 3 to 4 cm, it can be sucked and closed by itself.

To test the tightness, you can put thin paper around the door. If the paper does not fall on its own, it means that the sealing performance is good. The refrigeration effect and noise level of the refrigerator are also issues that should be noted when selecting. The test method is to work with electricity 8 to 4. Minutes, touch the cold air pipe by hand, there should be even cold feeling.

The heat of the condenser behind the refrigerator rises faster, but it does not exceed 55℃, and the temperature of the compressor’s shell is not higher than 90℃. The noise standard of the refrigerator should be less than 45 decibels. Of course, the smaller the sound of the compressor and the airflow, the better.


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