How to choose a laptop suitable for students?

As for how to buy a notebook computer and laptop suitable for students, as a computer salesperson to tell you how to buy!


  1. Before buying a computer, you need to know exactly what this laptop is for you. This means that what you will do with this computer in the future is mainly. (You only need to consider the use for about 3 years, because the update is faster now, and a computer generally needs to be updated in about 3-5 years.)
  2. As a student, laptop computers are generally used to learn more, then you need to know what the professional content you want to learn and what to manage, and how to configure the computer
  3. If you are an ordinary secretary or a student party who does not have high requirements for computer use, you only need to buy an I3 processor or I5 processor computer to meet your basic needs. Generally around 3000-4000 USD. There are now more than 2,000 computers on the market, but as a past computer sales advise to everyone, if the economy is not really not allowed, it is recommended not to choose such a computer, it will be eliminated in 1-2 years.
  4. If you are a student party with a slightly higher demand for computers in computer science and design, you need to buy an I5 processor or I7 processor laptop with a separate graphics card, preferably a solid-state hard drive or a dual hard drive . Probably the price is about 4000-5500 USD.
  5. If you are a student party for game enthusiasts, then you need to choose a gaming notebook. Now many brands will withdraw from gaming laptops, and their performance will be better than ordinary laptops. Of course, the price will be relatively higher. The price of regular gaming laptops is more than 5,000 USD. As for how high you want The configuration depends on the price of your budget.
  6. Brands for ordinary student laptops are better: Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HPGaming laptops are more recommended: rescuers, flying fortresses, night elves, etc.

The best way to buy a laptop is to go to a regular large-scale specialty store, after-sales and quality are relatively guaranteed

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