how to buy electronic watches

Compared with mechanical and quartz watches, the error rate of electronic watches is relatively low, and the cost is relatively low, so how to buy electronic watches?

       Now let me introduce you to the specific method of how to buy electronic watches

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When purchasing an electronic watch, first check the appearance, that is, to see whether there are bruises, scratches, spots, electroplating and other phenomena on the outside of the electronic watch, as well as whether the handle buttons, dial, back cover, etc. are not properly assembled.

If the appearance is ideal, it is necessary to further check the quality of the watch. If you are buying an analog electronic watch, you must pull the crown out. At this time, the second hand should stop beating immediately, and the second-hand tip is facing the scale.

Sensitivity when trying to move the needle in the forward and reverse directions, and whether pushing back the watch can immediately restore the jump and the needle movement is normal.

If you are buying a digital electronic watch, you need to look at the displayed number. It should be clear and there should be no serious flashing.

There are no scratches on the display board, and there is no blackening on the edge. The buttons are tight and normal, and the digital display is complete.

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