How to buy a complete set of furniture

For new house decoration, at the same time, I don’t want to process the furniture with ecological boards into dead furnishings, but want to buy a complete set of solid wood furniture with high cost performance and my own style. How should I buy it?

Now I will introduce to you how to buy a complete set of furniture

Tools/raw materials

  • Room four to, space height distance
  • Modeling structure
  • Material
  • Practicality
  • Overall spatial coordination


At present, there are several types of furniture sets on the market. When purchasing, you should first consider factors such as the couple’s hobbies, job nature, economic conditions, living area, etc., in order to select the type of furniture. After this, make specific selections. When selecting, you should pay attention to the following four points.

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From the shape and structure

Whether the style of the furniture looks good is the most intuitive. The style of the furniture should be novel, beautiful and distinctive; the parts of the furniture should be firmly connected and the stability should be good; the structure of the furniture should conform to the habit of the human body’s natural activities, that is, it should contain more things, be convenient and practical to use, and be long-term Consider, as more and more items, can meet the actual needs and load-bearing.

Look at the surface treatment of furniture

The surface treatment includes the color of the furniture, the quality of the oil decoration and its exterior decoration. The color of a complete set of furniture is better than elegant. The color depth of each piece of furniture or each part of a piece of furniture should also be basically the same. At the same time, pay attention to whether it is coordinated and unified with the tone and style of a specific space.

Try the parts of the furniture when buying

Such as doors, locks, etc., to see whether these moving parts are flexible in opening, closing, and lifting. For solid wood furniture, there are moisture content, expansion rate, and dry deformation rate. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the flexibility of the edges of moving parts. Will produce greater friction and block coefficient. Whether the mirror, glass and paint film are damaged, and whether the keys, screws, plastic plug caps of steel pipe furniture and other parts are complete.

When purchasing, be sure to decide who to buy based on your living area


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