How to bathe a baby?

There are many things to pay attention to when bathing babies. After all, babies don’t know how to take care of themselves. Here is How to bathe a baby.

How to bathe a baby Step/Method

The first step is to prepare a special bath for the baby, or a small bathtub, it is best not to use a large bathtub.

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The second step is to pay attention to the water temperature when bathing the baby. After putting the water in, you must first try the water temperature. If it is too hot or too cold, adjust it. Generally speaking, it is warm water, about 37 degrees Celsius. Take a measurement with a thermometer.

The third step is to take off the baby’s clothes, unwrap the diapers or diapers, and do not put them in the bath tub. After cleaning the parts of the diapers, put the baby in the bath tub for cleaning.

The fourth step, when bathing the baby, it is best to hold his head and neck, lift him up gently, and then gently wipe his upper body, because the lower body has been cleaned before, just rinse it with clean water, but Pay attention to the baby’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and try not to let water splash into them.

The fifth step is to pay attention to the time when bathing the baby. Don’t wash it too long. Generally, it is enough to wash for about 5 minutes, because the baby’s skin is relatively tender and it is easy to be wrinkled by blisters.


Pay attention to controlling the water temperature and soaking time

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