How to arrange common household appliances

Common household appliances are not only indispensable items in life but also important furnishings in indoor spaces. The placement of household appliances depends not only on the size of the appliances but also on usage habits and overall layout.

       Now let me introduce you to the specific method of how to arrange common household appliances

Tools/raw materials

  • Household appliances
  • Overall space layout
  • Personal usage habits


With the inseparable relationship between the mobile terminal and people, for the traditional TV, the usual usage rate is not high, the 4K TV in the living room, the horizontal wall-mounted small TV, the study projection curtain wall, etc. Most of them are counterproductive, and all the money is spent in vain. Especially for most families, 90% of them will do TV background wall, in fact, this is to spend money in vain. Thinking that it will improve the appearance, in fact, it is not the case at all. It will also be aesthetically fatigued after a long time. After all, watching TV is not a TV wall. If you feel that the TV wall is in space, you can simply modify it, there is no need to spend a lot of money to make a TV wall.

Best Common Household Appliances in UK

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With the iterative technology update, it has already moved from the early era of the radio recorder to the artificial intelligence interactive speaker, which can not only conduct conversation and chat, but also provide the information that you need at any time. And this artificial intelligence speaker can be placed in any corner of the living room, dining room, horizontal, study, etc. at random, completely according to personal habits.

Of course, for people who like music and movies, it is absolutely necessary to have a high-fidelity sound. It can be placed on both sides of the TV or projection wall in the living room, and it can also be placed in the study, beside the leisure cafe, in the dining room. Place them according to the habits of individuals and users.

For the placement of the washing machine, it needs to be decided according to the room layout. Some room types design the upper and lower water of the washing machine on the balcony, while others can only be placed in the public toilet or the master bedroom toilet. The principle of placement is based on the washing machines up and down water, and the relationship between the washing machine and space.

When placing household appliances, there are no deliberate and absolute rules, just need to hug me to determine the location relationship between the household appliances and the space environment, and the habits of family members and users. Only in this way can the relationship, spatial layout and harmony of use be balanced.


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