How do boys shave for the first time?

As people grow older, people will slowly grow beards. If they don’t repair them, they will feel sloppy and unsightly. So how do boys shave for the first time?

How do boys shave for the first time Method/Step

Use an electric shaver

At the beginning of shaving, it is best to choose an electric razor, so that it will not hurt the skin or pain.

Electric shaver usage

The electric shaver must be new and the blade must be fast. If you use an electric razor that someone else has used, and the blade is not fast, you will feel pinched and painful. If you have a long beard, don’t use an electric razor too hard, and shave slowly from light to dark.

With a razor

Compared with electric razors, razors have the advantage of being clean. But it is necessary to grasp the angle, otherwise it is easy to scratch the skin.

Choose a razor

There are simple razors in the market, which are relatively cheap, and the price is a few yuan, but it is difficult to grasp and uncomfortable to shave. It is not recommended to buy. It is best to choose a better razor, like a double-blade. No matter what kind of razor you use, try to keep the razor blade at an angle of 45 degrees to shave. 


When shaving, be sure to foam the area with the beard, so that the skin can be lubricated and the shave does not hurt. You can moisten the skin on your face, and then use soap to make the foam, or you can go to the market to buy special shaving foam for shaving.

Wash your face first

When shaving, be sure to wash your face first, don’t shave without washing your face. Because you don’t wash your face, your face has no moisture, your skin feels astringent, and it hurts to shave. Use apply executive shaving discount code

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