How animations can work in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the traditional marketing techniques for businesses. Brands try to communicate with customers by sending them personalized emails. However, most businesses keep their emails text-heavy. Customers may consider your marketing email as just another spam email if it doesn’t have anything exciting.

To make your emails exciting, you can add flashy animations. Viewers may take some time to read your email if it has something different than text. Continue reading to know how adding animation elements can make your marketing emails effective.

Pros of Adding Animations in Emails

Customers receive many marketing emails in a day. Most of them are left unread. By adding animation, your email can stand out among the others. Email open rates can be drastically increased by adding animations. By adding animation elements to your marketing emails, you can:

  • Catch the user’s attention and compel them to read the entire email.
  • Convey a promo message or any latest news effectively.

Many users may have subscribed for your promotional emails, but only a few may become customers. To convert email subscribers into customers, you can add all kinds of animation elements.

Email marketers have to come up with catchy animation designs. The design of the animation can change according to the guidelines of an inbox provider. Many businesses depend on animated GIFs to convey their messages to customers via emails. There are endless ways to create eye-catching animations and embed them in your marketing emails.

How to Create Animations for Marketing Emails?

You may wonder what the right tools for creating animation elements are. Well, all you need is an online video editor to make exciting animation elements for your emails. An online video editor lets you create catchy short videos and turn them into animated GIFs. Without a video editor, you may take longer than usual to create animation elements.

A video editor offers editing actions that can be applied with just a click. You can edit the colours of your animation elements or change their shape with an online editing platform. You don’t have to spend much on getting a subscription to most video editing platforms. You can also use the free versions of popular video editors to create animation elements. You can add filters, stickers, text, and much more to your animation elements.

Many email marketers consider video editing a challenging task. When you use a video editor with an intuitive interface, you can make creating animation elements easy. Video editors that use the drag-and-drop technique for editing can be used even by beginners.

Examples of Animation Elements for Emails

Some animation examples that you can use in your emails are as follows:

Highlighted Text Animation

One of the simplest types of animation elements to use in emails is to just highlight the text. You can create an animated GIF in which the text elements are highlighted. Your text elements can also be highlighted in different colours. You can switch from one colour to another at frequent intervals to attract the audience.

Rotating Photos

If you have to convey more information to users without making your email content-heavy, you can use rotating photos. Consider a scenario where you have to show multiple product photos to the customer. In your animation, you can switch from one product photo to another quickly. You can show more photos to the customer without making your email seem lengthy.

Motion Posters

You can bring a photo to life by adding motion elements. If you’re wondering how to make animated videos, start by using an online editor. An online video editor will let you show a sequence of events and bring a photo set to life. By adjusting the angles of the photos, you can induce motion into the photo set.

Depth Animation

There is no compulsion to keep your animated elements static. You can add depth to your animations by embedding them over one another. You can also make one animation float over the other in an email. One of the biggest examples of depth animation is birthday emails forwarded to customers. In a birthday email, brands often add moving party poppers and glowing candles to wish a happy birthday to a customer. You can thus take your creativity as far as possible when it comes to adding animation to your marketing emails.

Small Videos

You cannot attach a lengthy video with your marketing email due to file size constraints. However, you can attach promotional video links to your marketing emails to increase the conversion rate. You can also use a short video in your marketing emails to engage the audience. Videos are also a type of animation that has the highest effect on human brains. With an online video editor, you can create eye-catching short videos that stand out in your email.

Looping Animations

You can loop a sequence of photos or textures to induce motion. When the pattern or photos are changed continuously in a loop, it looks pleasing to the eye. Creating looping animations can be challenging, and you might require the aid of an online editor.

Flash Sale Animations

Brands and businesses widely use flash sale animations. You can display the sale end timer in your email to lure the customers. You can flash sale messages for discount offers on any product or service. If you’re about to launch a loyalty program, you can create a promo GIF to catch the audience’s attention.

These were just some of the ideas for adding animation in your customer emails. You can explore different animations based on your imagination and expertise. If you find making short videos challenging, you can use pre-made templates to get it done. Templates with pre-set editing effects can make promo videos automatically. You just have to feed your media files to a pre-existing template. Make sure you use an online editor that lets you export animated GIFs.

Points to Remember While Making Email Animations

Some key points to remember for making effective email animations are as follows:

  • Email providers put restraints on file size in a single email. Your animations should not be bigger than 2.5 MB. If you limit your animated GIF size below 2.5 MB, you won’t face any hassles while attaching them to an email.
  • It’s possible that an inbox provider isn’t compatible with GIFs. This is why you should put all the useful information in the first frame of the animation.
  • Don’t forget to loop your animations for a long-lasting effect.

Wrapping Up

Combining a successful email animation strategy with video marketing can be the key to a successful business. Start adding animation elements in your marketing emails now!

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