Hat Styles That Men Should Know About

Hats have a strange place in our culture. They may be expensive branded custom creations, nearly throwaway costume accessories, or sturdy utilitarian items. They make a statement about the wearer’s personality, career, and fashion traits faster than any other piece of clothing or apparel. Once, it was an essential component of every gentleman’s attire. But during John Kennedy’s presidency, they were replaced by the right haircut. Probably, it was for the best. But today, we aren’t obligated to wear hats unless we are mandated by a uniform or traditions. We now have the freedom to celebrate the head attire by assembling hat collections appropriate to the seasons, fitness regime, or vacation keepsakes. This article dwells on some of the most common men’s hat styles in fashion today.

How to choose a hat style according to your face proportions

A hat should accentuate your face, not conceal it. While a bowler will emphasize the round features of a face, the taller and longer lines of a fedora may merge in well with these traits more effectively. Wider brimmed hats are not for individuals possessing wide faces and might make slender faces appear even leaner. And also, be wary of extreme fashions that you may purchase for fun but end up wearing only once or twice. So, it would be wise of you to spend some time with an experienced salesperson and judge your look with each hat style on your head. You will surely stumble upon the right one. And another thing – do not forget to have fun with your new pal.

The trending hat styles

  • Boater hat

The boater hat style has a very simple shape. Take the cylindrical form of a Tez and add a brim to it – and you have a boater. This hat may soon have a moment as the whole fashion industry is buzzing with speculation of a renewed “Roaring ’20s” era. You will usually find the Kentucky Derby crowd flaunting this beautiful hat, but we also enjoy wearing it to summertime weddings and pair it with navy blue T-s and a white pair of jeans.

  • Amish hat

Now, exaggerate the dimensions of the Boater a little further, and it will give birth to the Amish hat. Mostly you will get these men hat styles in black felt, which is perfect for winters, but straw Amish hats are also available for the summer wearers. It actually gives you hipster flair. Men love the wide brims of the straw ones as they give the much-needed protection against the sun.

  • Top hat

If you flatten the crown, increase the cylinder length, and reduce the size of the brim of an Amish hat, you will get the Top hat’s silhouette – the style that displays formality at its best. Events like the white tie-gala are apt places to don this hat with a tuxedo with tails.

  • Derby or Bowler hat

The Derby (for the Americans) or the Bowler (for the English) hat is another version of the theme. Curling up the brim and rounding the crown will fetch you this hat form. This hat style gained much prominence in The Age of Innocence and A Clockwork Orange. Though people prefer to wear it to a costume party, if you desire to flaunt it elsewhere; do it with confidence.

  • Fedora hat

The 1950s saw the emergence of the Fedoras. You might have seen Indiana Jones donning this hat. While going through the description of this signature hat, you might have heard of the “snap brim” feature. It means the wearer has the choice of snapping the brim up or down. You must be sure to carry a Fedora as this style will give you an instant glamorous lift in your appearance.

  • Panama hat

The Panama hat is the exquisite summer equivalent of the Fedora style. It has its origin in the Ecuador region. Teddy Roosevelt popularized the hat by wearing it on a visit to the Panama Canal, which was under construction then.

  • Cowboy hat

This western headpiece needs the right attitude to pull it off. But the best part is if you can successfully carry it, it will be a jaw-dropper. You get them in felt, leather, and straw. Its broader brim shields a person from harsh weather elements.

  • Pork pie

The pork pie derives its name from its circular crown, which has a flat top with creases of varying severities that run around the top circumference.

  • Bucket hat

Its name is enough to let you know about its form. While everything from the 1990s is making a comeback in the fashion world, fashion lovers have welcomed the bucket hat with open arms. Simple shape and construction make it easy to roll up and store in a back pocket, and you can use it anytime to protect yourself from the sun rays or light rain.


So, men out there choose your style and buy one to create a newer you.


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