Essential Components to a Viable E-Commerce Business

Just like any business, an e-commerce business needs to meet certain criteria to remain competitive and profitable. These days, customers don’t even need to leave their comfortable homes to make a necessary purchase. Instead of frequenting brick-and-mortar stores, they access dedicated e-commerce apps on their smartphone, fill their shopping cart in a few clicks, and then instantly pay for their items online.

The modern e-commerce market is teeming with big platforms and small online stores that take the hassle of the shopping process and provide you with a huge selection of goods and products that can satisfy the choosiest of customers. At the same time, choice overload and fierce competition result in a staggering 90% of e-commerce startups failing within the first year. Not to join the ranks of unfortunate e-commerce entrepreneurs, take note of the essential components that can help your venture stand out from the competition.

Invest in Design

As a business owner, you can save on a wide variety of costs, but you should never skimp on your e-commerce website if you want to achieve success. When designing your platform, think about your users first. Make sure your customers can easily navigate your website and eliminate the unnecessary guesswork from the buyer’s journey. Apart from an uncluttered and intuitive user interface, your website should boast a visually attractive layout and content. Consider all possible details and aspects of your design, including fonts, calligraphy, color palettes, etc. And think out each stage of your client’s interaction with the website – from your home page to payment options.

Customers are more demanding than ever. The odds are slim that they successfully complete their buying journey if they are not fully satisfied with the look and feel of your platform. So, make sure to enhance your visitors’ visual experience and make them choose your store over hundreds of others.

Humanize Your Brand

Undoubtedly, your online stores can offer potential customers the items or services that can help them solve certain problems and make their life easier and more enjoyable. And the onus is on you to deliver the right message to people and make them want to buy from you. And the best way to go about this is through open communication and revealing the ‘human face’ of your brand. For this, you want to put time, effort, and soul into crafting empathy-based content and make your prospects relate to what you’re doing. You can dedicate a certain page on your website or create a standalone blog where you’ll be sharing actionable tips, tutorials, online guides, and more to help your audience address their pain points.

Tap into the power of social media to spread your message. Produce content that entertains, and makes your customers laugh, cry, and experience a rich palette of emotions. Consider sharing personal stories and introducing your team members that help make your brand unique and customer-oriented. This way, you’ll encourage your customers to actively engage with your brand and offer a way to connect with it.

Show Where You Excel

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the competition in e-commerce is fierce today. And it’s quite challenging for a new business to prove its worth and win over new customers. Undoubtedly, you need to offer quality in-demand products that will leave your customers satisfied with their experience with your brand. But this might not be enough. You should demonstrate what sets your goods or company apart from others of their ilk. Showcase your uniqueness, compliance with the highest standard, and ability to deliver on your promises. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to do this in one day. But chances are that with due diligence, effort, and the right marketing tools in place, you’ll be able to convince your customers of your reliability and create an ongoing positive relationship with them.

Maintain a Customer-Centric Approach

Every successful business is customer-oriented. And your e-commerce venture is no exception. A happy customer is more likely to turn into your loyal customer and bring other people eager to buy from you. Not to mention positive customer reviews your satisfied clients will want to share if you deliver exceptional customer service and quality! So, take the time to figure out how you can organize faster shipping or delivery of your order. What policies can be put in place to speed up returns? What features can be added to your website to ensure a better and smoother customer journey?

By focusing on the above component and making a customer-oriented approach your priority, you can boost your business’ chances of viability, successful growth, and competitiveness.

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