Cashback Casino Bonuses: Are They Worth It?

The constant struggle of casinos to catch the users’ attention often results in creative ways to improve the games. Some of the innovative results are the bonuses themselves, along with various game themes, feature remixes, and reinventing the classics.

Here, we will discuss one of the most sought bonuses – the cashback bonus.

This article proposes a clarifying attempt at the cashback bonus and some of its variations.

What is a Cashback Bonus?

Cashback bonuses, as the name goes, imply receiving a certain amount of money back under specific wagering conditions. This type of bonus is primarily encountered in the VIP section of a casino, where players usually get some form of cashback.

There are many variations of cashback bonuses. For example, one of them is the appreciated cashback welcome bonus.

Below, you’ll find the most encountered bonuses in online casinos and how to claim them.

When do casinos issue cashback bonuses?

Generally, casinos generate cashback bonuses to attract gamblers who want a safety net. With or without wagering requirements, this is an offer that returns the money, so it’s valuable to the players.

To claim a cashback bonus, you must first be a registered casino player and have made one deposit. After confirming the deposit, you must wager a specific amount before the cashback bonuses can be activated.

Most casinos will have you bet a specific amount of your deposit before the cashback kicks in. Other casinos may condition you to wager a particular amount, independent of your deposit, to activate the cashback bonus.

Cashback Deposit Bonus

A cashback deposit bonus means you get a specific percentage of your losses back. Even so, you might be bound to cash-back limits.

For example, if you were to deposit and gamble £700 and the casino offered 20% cashback, you would be eligible to receive £140. However, let’s say the casino has put a limit of £100 on cashback so that you would receive only £100, not £140.

This type of bonus can include wagering requirements, but it is possible to find it without strings attached.

Wagering Requirements

As mentioned above, wagering requirements are a recurrent practice regarding cashback bonuses. These bonuses are still desired due to lower wagering compared to other promotions.

This type of cashback bonus imposes a certain amount of wagering, calculated by multiplying the total number of losses with the playthrough requirements. If we were to do the math, it would look like this:

  • You deposit £200, and you lose £100, while the cashback percentage is 20%;
  • Then, you would be eligible to receive 100 x 0.2 = £20.
  • Meanwhile, the playthrough is 30x.
  • To find out how much you have to wager, your cashback of £20 gets multiplied by 30.
  • Therefore, the amount you have to wager to receive £20 is £600.

Total Cashback

These are probably the most exciting bonuses. Rare, but you can come across some if you know where to look.

Within total cashback bonuses, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose; the percentage of the offer is calculated with the entire amount gambled.

Therefore, if you wagered £100, you may be eligible for the entire sum as cashback. Be aware, though, these offers may come with limits as to how much you can get back or other bonus terms and conditions.

Minus the Bonuses

This type of cashback is about dismissing previous winnings and bonuses when calculating the percentage eligible for cashback. This means that it only calculates the net losses.

Therefore, if we were to visualize the mathematics, this bonus procedure would look like this:

  • You win £200 in a previous session and have also earned £30 through bonuses;
  • However, let’s say you lose a total of £300;
  • Then, out of your total losses, you take away the previous winnings and bonuses like this: £300 – (£200 + £30) = £70 net losses;
  • The £70 is the sum with which the cashback bonus is calculated.

Other sought bonuses

As happens within every other game with promotions, bonuses are diverse. They cover an ample palette of situations in which they’re helpful.

A great example would be the cashback bonuses discussed above. These bonuses serve players who want to receive a certain sum back for extra moves within the game.

However, there are many more situations that need coverage. Let’s see what other bonuses are there!

No Wagering Bonuses

No wagering is a special bonus that implies no wagering is required to keep your winnings. So, when you gamble with a no-wagering bonus, the amounts you gain are yours to keep, and the balance can be withdrawn.

This bonus is a great match for new players who don’t know how the games work but want to take a shot at gambling, just like the next bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like – a certain amount of money, most likely a small sum, that you receive for a specific action, usually when creating an account.

Be aware these bonuses cannot be withdrawn; you can only play certain games with them.

Free Spins No Deposit

This is a very popular promotion due to its easy-to-play nature, directed at slot enjoyers.

Free spins with no deposit allow you to skip the deposit and get right into the specified game machines to use your free spins.

If you like to experiment with the newest slot machines, this bonus might be up your alley.

Is it worth your time?

If you think it’s something helpful in any way, then yes. Bonuses, like any other game features, are made to keep you invested in the game’s workings.

However, always remember to check the terms and conditions for the bonus first. This will aid you in knowing what the limits or wagering requirements are.

Furthermore, knowing bonus terms will help you understand how promotions apply.

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