Micro single killer Canon Camera G1X Mark II Review

  Nowadays, the camera market is becoming more and more competitive, facing competition in all aspects. Traditional video manufacturers are also trying to launch different products to meet the needs of users. In 2012, Canon brought us a G1X. This model with a large 1.5-inch sensor won a lot of attention when it was launched. And after two years, we finally saw the upgraded model of this model, G1X Mark II. The new model can be said to have made a complete transformation on the basis of the previous model. Today we will talk to you about this distinctive Canon Camera G1X Mark II review.

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Mark II finally arrives, the body performance is fully upgraded

    After two years of waiting, we finally ushered in the G1X Mark II, an upgraded model of the Canon G1X. It can be said that the naming of Canon Camera G1X Mark II review has already demonstrated Canon’s expectations for this camera. We all know how famous Canon’s camera called the Invincible Mark Rabbit (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) is, and it can also be seen that Canon attaches great importance to this new model.

Of course, only the change in naming is obviously not enough. Canon G1X Mark II has also made a lot of upgrades in terms of body performance. The visual change is a huge change in the overall design of the body. A smaller body size brings better portability. In terms of shooting performance, the new camera is also refurbished in every way: new sensor, new lens, new processor . There are really many changes on the G1X Mark II this time. We will first list the detailed body parameters of the new model for your reference:

    1.5-inch CMOS sensor (13.1 million pixels in 3:2 mode, 12.8 million pixels in 4:3 mode)

    DIGIC 6 image processor

    Sensitivity range: ISO 100-12800

    Support RAW format (14bit) and JPEG format shooting

    Equivalent 24-120mm f/2.0-3.9 lens

    Number of lens aperture blades: 9

    Continuous shooting speed: 5.2 frames/sec

    1.04 million pixel 3-inch reversible touch screen (upward 180°flip, downward 45°flip)

    Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC

    Support 1080/30p video shooting

    Body size: 116*74*66mm

    Body weight: 553g

    It can be seen that although the new camera inherits the name of the G1X, it is really a new model with completely reborn changes. If it weren’t for the G1X identity mark on the front of the fuselage, it would be hard to believe that this is an upgraded model of G1X. Of course, more changes are naturally what we want to see. The new model is priced at US$799 (equivalent to about RMB 4842.4). With the launch of this camera in China, it is believed that the price will drop a lot (international pricing is generally higher than domestic pricing). Let’s talk about this new camera in detail below.

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