Can black coffee for weight loss? How is the effect?

Many people like to drink coffee. In fact, drinking coffee is not only refreshing but also helps to lose weight. However, why do some people drink coffee every day but not lose weight? Don’t worry, if you want to get a good fat-reducing effect, you must pay great attention to the following correct way of drinking black coffee to lose weight, because only by drinking the right one can the coffee’s fat-reducing and slimming effect be fully realized.

Best black coffee maker for weight loss

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Drink a cup of coffee after a meal

Within 30 minutes to 60 minutes after we usually eat lunch, drinking a cup of aromatic hot coffee can help digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. Together with appropriate exercise, it can promote the burning of body fat and achieve weight loss. Effect.

1-3 cups a day

Do not drink more than 4 cups of drip-ground coffee (such as American coffee, latte, cappuccino) every day to prevent mild poisoning. If you experience irritability, anxiety, irritability, heart palpitations, nausea and other symptoms after drinking coffee, it is best not to drink coke, tea and other beverages containing caffeine that day.

Hot coffee is more effective

Many people like to drink iced coffee. In fact, hot coffee is more effective for weight loss than iced coffee, because hot coffee can help the body burn fat faster and more effectively, so as to achieve the greatest weight loss effect.

Drink black coffee for better weight loss

Black coffee has a better weight loss effect than ordinary coffee, and the calories of black coffee are very low. Each cup of about 100 grams of black coffee only produces 2.55 kcal. In addition, black coffee can also promote cardiovascular circulation; because it has good antioxidant properties, it can help you fight aging and has a beauty effect.

The baking temperature should not be too high

Medium roasted weight loss coffee is more effective for weight loss. Coffee roasted at a high temperature has a strong taste, but the caffeine content is relatively large, which is not good for ordinary people to drink. The light roasted diet coffee has a higher acidity, which will affect your taste.

Coffee grounds are a very good local weight loss product

For local obese people who lose weight, coffee grounds can be said to be a good thing. Do not throw away the remaining coffee grounds after drinking. You can use it to massage your local obese area clockwise for about 10-15 minutes, and then wash it with water Net, repeat every day, you can see obvious results in a week.


When drinking coffee to lose weight, you should pay attention to exercise. The systematic and efficient senior coach weight loss method is the perfect partner for coffee weight loss. The combination of the two will double the fat loss effect.

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