Buying Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Wi-Fi, Black

Buy Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 4K released the first product of the latest master series. The biggest highlight is the OLED self-luminous panel, which is also the first OLED TV under Xiaomi TV. The price of £609.38 is very competitive, which also arouses the desire of many consumers to buy.

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Of course, during the industrial turning point of technological iteration and product upgrading, users often encounter more questions about product purchases, mainly because they do not understand new technologies. OLED is a new display technology. Many consumers still have concerns about the price, lifespan, and experience of OLED TVs when buying TVs. So today I will tell you from several aspects, whether the current OLED TV is worth buying.

OLED panels are undoubtedly a symbol of high-end, long ago it was called the next generation display technology capable of replacing LCD. As a more advanced display technology, OLED has been widely used in mobile devices. Almost all of the high-end mobile phone products of mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple use OLED screens.

Brighter colors, deeper contrast, faster response, and more imagination in design brought by ultra-thin and ultra-flexible characteristics have contributed to the rapid growth of OLED display technology. In the TV market, the emergence of OLED quickly eclipsed the popular LCD TV for more than a decade.

Compared with traditional LCD TVs, OLED as display technology has many performances that liquid crystal technology cannot match.

The full name of OLED is Organic Light-Emitting Diode (organic light-emitting diode), without backlight support. OLED is an innate surface light source technology. The light emitted can be red, green, blue, white and other monochromatic colors, and then achieve a full-color effect, which belongs to a new light-emitting principle. The reason why the picture quality of plasma technology, OLED technology and even the early CRT technology is praised is mainly because they all have the characteristic of “self-luminous”.

OLED technology can turn off individual pixels and return their brightness to zero. In theory, the contrast ratio of OLED technology can be infinite. Therefore, it is impossible for OLEDs to leak light in the black field, thereby improving contrast and image quality performance.

In addition, OLED technology does not require the support of backlight, so the liquid crystal and backlight module are omitted. The structure is very simple, and the body can naturally be extremely ultra-thin, which can be about 1/3 of the thickness of a traditional LED screen. OLED also has the characteristics of being flexible and bendable, not only can be applied to TV, the future may be able to make smart devices full of imagination.

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Products with prices below £609.38 abound

For consumers, cheaper OLED TVs are the most important. To effectively stimulate the development of the OLED TV market, the most effective way is to cut prices. Although OLED products are still at high-end prices, don’t forget that LCD TVs were more expensive than OLEDs today. It took almost 10 years for LCD to drop from one hundred thousand yuan to below ten thousand yuan, while OLED has only three or four years to buy many models at the two to thirty thousand yuan level.

£609.38 can be said to be a demarcation point for high-end products. Previously, OLED TVs have been above £609.38 but in the past two years, the price of OLED TVs has already exceeded £609.38.

With major TV manufacturers at home and abroad supporting OLED technology, OLED TVs are becoming well-known to more consumers, and the penetration rate has also risen steadily. LG Display is currently working hard to increase the production capacity of OLED TV panels to meet high-end market demand. With the continuous increase in production capacity, the price of OLED TVs is gradually lowering.

The main theme of TV development in the future is larger, thinner, and even changeable. The only thing that can do these points is OLED display technology. Whether it is Korean LG, Japanese Sony and Panasonic will continue to research OLED technology, and domestic brands are also actively deploying the OLED industry, OLED has infinite brightness in the TV market. Friends who have higher demands for picture quality can choose OLED with confidence.

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