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On August 5th, Samsung held the Galaxy Unpacked August 2020 online conference. The products on display at the conference included galaxynote20 series, GalaxyWatch 3 smartwatches, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live headphones, and other products. Since Harman acquired AKG, Samsung’s audio products have received much attention. The Galaxy Buds Live released this time, as Samsung’s first active noise reduction headset, is priced at US$169.99, which is equivalent to approximately RMB 1,180. Buy Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Mifo O7

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    We all know that the domestic TWS headset market is more competitive than abroad, and consumers have more choices. Last month, OnePlus released its first true wireless headset buds. When it was sold at $79 in the United States, there were many opinions and discussions. If it is also synchronized in the country, it will not be competitive. According to Samsung’s official website, the main selling point of Galaxy BudsLive is not the sound quality, but fashion, noise reduction, and voice assistant. In the domestic market where true wireless headphones are popular with voice assistants and most of the noise reduction performance is good, can these selling points Hold up the sale price? Is there any advantage to the domestic brand headset mifo Molang O7?

Appearance and wear

    Let’s talk about the appearance first. Galaxy BudsLive caters to the trend of mainstream fashion noise-cancelling headphones. It adopts a bean-shaped bright surface and is painted in three colors: fog gold, early white and black. Once it was released, the shape aroused heated discussions among netizens, or thought it was kidney beans or waist. The earphone weighs 5.6g. Although the shape is weird, Samsung said that this shape is more suitable for the auricle and facial structure and is worn for a long time The comfort is better, and it can modify the shape of the face to a certain extent; according to the evaluation content of foreign media, the wearing comfort of this shape is relatively good.

    Mifo Molang O7 may be designed to ensure the sound quality. It uses an in-ear design. Contrary to Galaxy BudsLive, mifo Molang O7 has a matte finish all over the body. There are two colors of matte gray and porcelain blue, which are relatively more elegant. With a weight of 4.5g and a fit in-ear structure, as a sports headset brand, the wearing comfort and stability of mifo Molang O7 are beyond doubt.

Environmental noise reduction, call noise reduction

    Noise reduction is the core selling point of GalaxyBudsLive. It supports open active noise reduction (ANC), but noise reduction headphones are mostly in-ear and head-mounted. The semi-in-ear shape also reflects Samsung’s noise reduction program. Confidence, but foreign media’s evaluation of the noise reduction performance of this headset is unanimously low. GalaxyBudsLive can indeed reduce ambient noise, but the amplitude is relatively low. It is necessary to increase the playback volume to cover up the ambient noise. Mifo Molang O7 reduces environmental noise through passive noise reduction. The specific noise reduction performance is affected by the material and size matching of the earplugs, which cannot be compared here.

    Multi-mark noise reduction is the current mainstream noise reduction solution for calls. Mifo Molang O7 is equipped with 2 microphones on each side, one of which is dedicated to collecting environmental noise, and then the engine calculation simulates the sound wave signal opposite to the noise amplitude to offset the environmental noise ; Finally, mifo Molang O7 can eliminate wind noise at a speed of 30KM/H, which is enough to meet the noise reduction needs of calls in scenes such as walking, running, subway, and train in life.

    Galaxy BudsLive is equipped with multiple microphones and a voice pickup for call noise reduction. According to the official website, the voice pickup can sense the movement of the chin and convert its vibration data into a voice signal to reduce the impact of environmental sounds, but there is currently no evaluation Feedback, no comparison.

    Audio performance

    Since the acquisition of AKG, the sound quality of Samsung’s audio products has gradually attracted market attention. GalaxyBudsLive is equipped with a 12mm large drive unit + bass tube, which is more focused on bass positioning. Although the sound quality is not highlighted in the promotion, and it adopts a semi-in-ear structure, after all, it has been tuned by AKG. The current foreign media evaluation feedback is good, but high volume There is high-frequency overflow under.

    Mifo Molang O7 has two versions of moving iron and carbon nanotube moving coil. The overall audio performance is relatively balanced. The moving iron version is good at a mid-high frequency and vocal analysis, while the carbon nanotube moving coil pays more attention to low-frequency performance. For in-ear headphones, mifo Molang O7 will have some structural advantages.


     Galaxy Buds Live

     mifo magic wave O7


     Single 6h, 21h with battery compartment

     7h single time, 28h with battery compartment


     Ipx2 level, prevent the influence of water droplets falling within 15 degrees of the vertical direction

     Ipx7 level, it will not affect the performance within half an hour when placed in 1 meter deep water

    Overall, the noise reduction performance is the main advantage of this Galaxy BudsLive headset, but the current mainstream headset noise reduction performance on the market can already meet the daily noise reduction needs, after all, there are only a few people pursuing the ultimate noise reduction effect. Mifo Molang O7 has balanced performance in all aspects, and the product’s sports performance may be more practical.

    Affected by the rise of domestic brands and some other factors, Samsung has continued to suffer domestic cold in recent years, and overseas markets have gradually been overtaken by domestic brands. At the same time, the development of the TWS industry has not been long, and many domestic brands have entered the market earlier than overseas brands. Therefore, it is difficult to support a premium on brand influence alone. In contrast, everyone is more willing to pay for product power, such as mifo magic. Domestic audio brands like Lang are the choice of more people.

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