Best Ways to Wear A Silver Pendant

If you have ever bought a silver pendant online, you must certainly know how elegant and stylish pendants are. In fact, a silver pendant adds a completely unique and stylish look to your overall outfit. However, there are certain things to consider whenever you wear a silver pendant to make sure it always looks great. Therefore, we’re mentioning the 3 best ways to wear a silver pendant! Continue reading on as this will surely be helpful.

Pendants come in various designs and shapes. And, due to silver pendants being more affordable than gold, people tend to purchase silver pendants more. Designers are always going the extra mile to come up with pendants that are minimalistic, modern, and unique. Well, regardless of what type of silver pendant you may have, these 3 professional fashion tips need to be followed in order for you to wear your silver pendant in the best way possible!

Define the Occasion

Wearing a silver pendant that has a shine and style that simply cannot be ignored on a very casual occasion may not do your pendant justice! In fact, wearing a silver pendant that doesn’t suit the occasion will only be a fashion disaster for you and you will surely regret it later.

So, what type of silver pendant should you wear according to the occasion at hand? Well, here are some tips you could consider following;

Wearing a silver pendant that is big with stones studded is always a brilliant fashion choice for weddings or any other traditional occasion. This is because of their size, shine, and that they can attract a lot of people. In fact, standing out on an occasion that has a fashionable crowd is quite possible with a silver pendant that is bigger in size.

However, if you need to wear a silver pendant when going to attend an office meeting or party, smaller pendants will be a better choice. This is because smaller silver pendants tend to look more sophisticated and elegant especially on such occasions.  

Don’t Get Careless with Colors

If you really want your silver pendant to work well with your dress and be the center of attention, you need to choose the right color with the right dress. Otherwise, wearing a silver pendant on a dress that doesn’t match its shine or personality will surely be a disaster.

Since we’re talking about silver pendants, the best way to wear a silver pendant in style and class is with a black dress. However, this doesn’t mean the only color you can or should go for is black. You can try other dark colors like maroon, red, and navy blue. Darker colors tend to enhance the beauty and elegance of the pendant.

Let’s suppose your pendant has a color of its own. Well, you need to make sure to choose a dress according to that color. This is because matching your dress with the pendant will make sure your outfit for any occasion looks complete. Also, try to wear the same earrings too!

Your Pendant Should Match You

So far, we’ve talked about how you should wear a specific type of silver pendant on an occasion and what color dresses you should consider wearing. Now, we’re going to mention that last tip we have for you.

Well, beauty comes from within. With that being said, you need to make sure the pendant you wear represents you. Purchase a silver pendant that speaks to you and connects with you. Make sure the pendant’s size and the chain’s size is according to your body.

You need to make sure your pendant portrays a balanced look. Therefore, consider measuring the length from your chin to hairline and do the same to measure the length from your chin to chest. Ultimately, this will help you define your balance point and where your pendant will rest to enhance the beautiful person you are!

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