Best Shaving Tips For Men And Women

Shaving is like a man’s daily coming-of-age ceremony. Shaving is like eating. It is what men do every day. Say goodbye to laziness and learn about 10 great shaving tips for men and women

First thing: choose to shave in the morning

Early morning is the best time for shaving. During sleep, due to the accelerated metabolism, the sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, which makes the hair grow rapidly. After a “crazy” night, the morning is the best time to “cut down”. And at this time the skin is relatively relaxed, shaving can also reduce the chance of being scratched.

The second thing: taboo shaving from different directions

The beard grows every day, and it can’t be shaved at once. However, you don’t need to attack the beard from all directions. As a result, you can only shave the beard too short and eventually form the beard.

The third thing: don’t shave before bathing

The skin just after shaving has a lot of minimal wounds that are invisible to the naked eye and is more sensitive. Take a bath immediately, and the stimulation of body wash, shampoo, and hot water can easily cause discomfort or even redness in the shaved area.

Fourth thing: don’t shave before exercise

During exercise, the body’s blood circulation speeds up, and a lot of sweat will stimulate the skin you have just scratched, causing discomfort and even infection.

Fifth thing: The 26-degree shaving rule

The skin should be tightened when shaving to reduce the resistance of the razor when running on the skin. Then apply an appropriate amount of shaving cream, first scrape from the sideburns, cheeks, and neck, followed by the chin, the ideal angle is about 26 degrees, and minimize scraping.

Sixth thing: don’t shave the hair

Although the shaving particles will shave more cleanly, they are easy to stimulate the skin to form hairs.

Seventh thing: Don’t pull the ingrown beard

Do not pull it out with tweezers, pull it out carefully, shave it off with a razor, and then moisturize the skin with aftershave and aftershave lotion.

Eighth thing: nursing is more important than shaving

The skin in the “beard area” is more prone to dryness than other parts. No matter how skilled and careful the movements are, it will inevitably produce irritation. At this time, after-shave care is particularly important. The correct shaving procedure is: basic shaving procedure, after-shave care (aftershave), basic skincare procedure (toner, facial moisturizing lotion, sunscreen).

Ninth thing: Aftershave toner

Do not confuse the concepts of “aftershave” and “toner”. Although both are water, they have different functions. Aftershave lotion is used after shaving, the main care area is the skin of the beard area. The toner is used after cleansing and is post-cleansing care for the entire face.

Tenth thing: Use refreshing skincare products

Male sebaceous glands are numerous and well-developed, and the stratum corneum is thick, so they look more manly. Since the beginning of spring and summer, men’s faces have been shiny. At this time, use a refreshing lotion or moisturizing gel to calm and calm the shaved skin, use water to suppress oil, and improve the phenomenon of oil.

How to shave properly?

Shaving is part of the life of a male friend, but how about shaving? Next, I will share the topic of how to shave correctly.


Do I have to use shaving cream to shave? 

If you use a manual razor to shave, it is generally better to use shaving cream, so that the skin is smooth and will reduce the damage to the skin. If you use an electric shaver, you don’t need shaving cream.

Is an electric shaver or a manual shaver better for shaving?

 Generally speaking, a manual razor shaves relatively cleanly, but it will shave off the skin’s protective keratin. However, if you shave every day, the skin keratin will become thicker over time, so we will find that the skin on the shaved area becomes relatively Rough, and the electric shaver has a protective cover, which can only shave off the beard at a certain distance from the skin. Looking at it this way, the editor believes that it is good to use a manual razor once in a while for the sake of cleanliness and good-looking. For example, when meeting a girlfriend for the first time or on important occasions, it is better to use an electric razor.

The best time to shave: 

Generally, after getting up in the morning, shave, because at this time we are about to start a new day. Shaved feel a lot of energy, and after getting up in the morning, people’s skin is in a relatively relaxed state and is not easily damaged.

When is not suitable for shaving?

 It is not suitable for shaving before taking a bath, because after shaving, the skin will usually be slightly damaged. If you take a bath at this time, shampoo or body lotion will irritate the skin and cause discomfort, occasionally redness and swelling may occur. In addition, generally do not shave before exercise, otherwise, sweat irritates the skin and may cause tingling.

What should I pay attention to when shaving? 

When shaving, you should tighten the skin and keep the skin smooth. This will not only make it easier to shave, but also reduce the resistance of the skin to the razor and avoid skin injury. When shaving a beard with a manual razor, keep the angle between the blade surface and the skin at about 30 degrees. If the angle is too small, it is easy to damage the skin, and the angle is too large to remove the beard.

Don’t pull out your beard? 

I once saw that some friends like to pull their beards when they are fine. This will irritate the skin and make the hair follicles thicker, and it will also cause the skin to become red and swollen. In particular, some friends’ beards have deep roots and thick beards, so they want to make themselves more delicate, so they want to root out their beards. This is unscientific. Injured, red, and swollen skin is prone to infection.

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