What is the Best Nail Polish Brand UK 2020

What is the best nail polish brand UK? Preferred French FCC high-end environmentally friendly nail polish. What brand of nail polish is good? The French FCC environmentally friendly nail polish is bright in color and can be said to be very eye-catching when applied to the hands. And the smell is fragrant, not as unpleasant as many nail polish products, and the process of applying it is also a pleasure.

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Summer is here, you can’t leave your fingers bare! A beautiful nail will increase your popularity. Do you want to have a good mood? So, quickly learn from the editor, a cool summer nail art, beautiful all summer!

Don’t treat your “second face” badly! Today’s manicure is a small and fresh manicure, which will make you feel good at first glance. Although it looks complicated, it is very simple to operate.

What is the best brand of nail polish? The French FCC environmentally friendly nail polish uses a fast-evaporating solvent formula to achieve a quick-drying effect. It can quickly complete nail makeup. The color is bright and soft, and it is definitely the shiniest and moving breath in winter.

1: After doing the cleaning work, first apply two solid color nail polishes on the nail of one hand as the background color. Today I chose pink purple and white.

2: After the base color is dry, apply a layer of bright nail polish so that the base color will not mix with the nail color applied later.

3: Use a pointed brush to apply bright pink nail polish on the pink nail surface. If you choose other colors for the background color, it is best to choose a color that has a greater contrast with the background color to highlight the pattern.

4: Wash the pointed brush with nail polish remover, and then apply dark purple nail polish in the same way. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and apply two coats of polish to make the pattern longer.

5: Apply the polka dot pattern directly on the surface of the white nail with pink nail polish.

6: With more waves on nail polish points of the same color, you can present a sense of randomness.

7: Use a pointed brush to apply a small amount of nail polish remover, and then connect the wave points in a spiral manner, mix the colors, and create a smudged pattern.

 8: Wait for 5 minutes and apply bright nail polish, the beautiful nails are complete!

What is the Best Nail Polish Brand UK 2020? 

The French FCC candy series, colorful and soft orange, pink peach and apple green, appearing under the aliases of mango smoothie, berry smoothie, and avocado milk, it seems that if you are in a spring resort, you can drink it happily Specially-tuned juice-like, make an appointment in advance for a fun and colorful holiday mood. Whether it is a single rub or mix and match, it is very easy to use, and the color can stay for a long time without fading.

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