Which is the Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 UK

    Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 UK With the development of the game industry, while online games bring great fun to people’s lives, the demand for the performance of game peripherals is also increasing. Moreover, more and more game players are striving to pursue a game peripheral that suits them.

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 UK

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As one of the most important peripherals of gaming peripherals, gaming keyboards have always been a topic of comparison for many players. Especially for many novices, when choosing a gaming keyboard, which one is better is a problem that bothers them.

    So today we will analyze: how to buy the best gaming keyboard under 50 UK.

1. Pay attention to key layout and key conflict

    In order to avoid accidental presses, it is recommended that RTS and FPS players use a standard layout keyboard, and it is best not to have the “Win” key next to the “ctrl” key on the left. Online game players have higher requirements for shortcut keys, so the keyboard should have a certain number of multimedia keys, and it is best to support functions such as driving custom macros. In addition, the commonly used combination keys of game keyboards cannot have key conflicts. Players can use keyboardtest and other software to test at the time of purchase.

2. The keyboard should have a wrist rest

    The gaming keyboard should preferably have a wrist rest, and the wrist rest should preferably be frosted or provide a softer skin-like texture, so as to provide better support for the wrist to avoid long-term fatigue. For example, the gaming keyboard B540 of Bloodhound Ghost has a portable separate wrist rest, which can greatly relieve wrist fatigue and make it easier to play games.

 3. The shape should fit your palm

    The shape of the gaming mouse must fit the player’s palm as much as possible, so as to ensure long-term use without excessive fatigue. In order to ensure accurate movement in a wide range, the mouse used by RTS players should not be too wide; while FPS games pursue the stability of weapons, the mouse should be used with a wide chassis; as for the mouse used in online games, it is best to have as many as possible with a comfortable grip. hot key.

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