9 steps for summer skincare

Skincare has become a science in modern times. People who are troubled by skin problems no longer blindly go to the store to buy various cosmetics to try. Instead, dermatologists will prescribe and provide targeted skincare advice. With the increasing pursuit of health and the rapid development of dermatology, medical skincare products with higher safety and effectiveness have become an unstoppable trend. As more women begin to pay attention to the quality and safety of skincare products, professionals have more in-depth research and understanding of the structure and physiological functions of the skin and its appendages, more professional research on cosmetics, and more targeted and reliable performance And competitiveness.

Summer skincare Tools/Materials

  • Important steps: remove facial wrinkles, rough skin, remove freckles, remove facial pigment spots, remove facial melanin spots, remove acne, remove scalp problems, and whiten teeth.
  • Ingredients: cucumber juice, egg white, white vinegar, glycerin, almonds, winter melon juice, tomato juice, honey, mulberry root bark, salt, baking soda,
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Remove facial wrinkles

Fresh cucumber juice plus the same amount of egg white, wash your face every night before going to bed, apply it to the wrinkles of the face, wash the next day, tighten the skin for a month, and eliminate wrinkles.

Rough skin

Use white vinegar and glycerin, a 5:1 mixture, often rub the skin to moisturize the skin and reduce melanin deposition. After one month, the skin will be fine, white and tender, clean, smooth and elastic. (White vinegar is used with caution, different skin types have different effects, and sensitive skin allergy.)

Remove freckles

Almonds are 5 yuan, grind into a fine powder, mix thoroughly with egg white, apply to the face every night before going to bed, and wash off with warm water the next day, it will be effective on 10 to 15 days, and there will be no recurrence in the future.


(Wine thorns, youth beans, acne) Fresh cucumber juice and white vinegar are mixed in equal amounts, first wash your face with hot water, three times a day, wash it off with warm water 10 minutes after application, and it can heal in half a month.

Generally, oily skin is prone to blackheads, acne, and acne. In this case, wash your face with warm water and apply refreshing products. Excessive oil is not recommended.

Scalp problems

Use mulberry root bark for 4 yuan, 2 kg of water, boil and wash your hair, once a day, do not use too much water after washing, use it for 5 days, it can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, have a hair-fixing effect, and cure dandruff, head Itching can occur during hair growth.

Remove facial pigment spots

Add white vinegar to winter melon juice, mix thoroughly and apply to the face, 3 times a day, wash it off after 10 minutes, and remove it for half a month.

Remove facial melanin spots

Fresh tomato juice and honey, mix 5:1, apply to the face, wash off in 10 minutes, use it for half a month, can decompose melanin and whiten skin

It is difficult to remove the spots once they appear. In addition to the small recipe, we should pay attention to the sufficient moisture of the facial skin at home and apply more masks. As the saying goes, “Ten spots and nine dryness” Wear sunscreen, ultraviolet light is the external cause of stains.

Teeth turn white

Use salt and baking soda (commonly known as: noodles screwdriver) equal amount, adjusted to a toothpaste, brush your teeth once a day, 3-5 days can remove all stains on the teeth, make the teeth white.

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