7 tips for whitening teeth

7 tips for whitening teeth. Everyone is longing for whitening teeth, but some people are born with yellow teeth, and they dare not talk too much and laugh too casually. They may be embarrassed by others and seriously affect people’s living standards. What should they do? What? In addition to going to the dentistry department, in addition, today I have brought you a few coups. I hope it will help people and make you smile.


  • Toothbrush, mouthwash cup
  • Salt, mint, lemon juice, peanuts, cuttlefish bone meal, baking soda, edible vinegar (choose one)

Tips for whitening teeth Method/Step

1, When brushing your teeth every morning and evening, a little salt on the toothbrush can whiten  your teeth, and mouthwash with salt water can relieve toothache

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Lemon juice whitening first beat the lemon into juice, then use gauze a little bit to stick the teeth evenly, and then wash it off after two minutes.

7 tips for whitening teeth

3,  Cuttlefish bone whitening, grinds the cuttlefish bones into powder, stick a little when brushing, quickly whiten teeth

.7 tips for whitening teeth

4, Edible vinegar for whitening, use mature vinegar or white vinegar and gargle in your mouth for 1 to 3 minutes. After vomiting it, wash it with water. Use it every day. It is very effective for long-term smokers7 tips for whitening teeth

5 , Baking soda whitening, stick a little baking soda on the toothpaste, follow the normal brushing method, brush twice a week, each brushing for about 3 minutes, can whiten the teeth.

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6, Peanut whitening, chewing raw peanuts, after chewing until they have a very powdery taste, brushing with a toothbrush and peanuts also has a whitening effect

.7 tips for whitening teeth

7, Mint leaves whiten, crush mint leaves to leave juice, add to toothpaste to mix your teeth, long-term use will not only play a whitening effect but also relieve toothache and freshen your breath.

7 tips for whitening teeth



  • Friends who choose to use edible vinegar, don’t brush continuously for whitening and heart-cutting, it must be brushed once every 2 months or the teeth will be damaged. Remember!
  • Using a small coup, too much dosage of 3/1 will be bad for teeth.

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