5 Powerful Brands for Buying a Coffee Machine

The coffee machine market is one of the fastest growing. Having a coffee machine at home or in the office has become more of a necessity rather than fun.

Buying a coffee machine ensures a wide range of benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Produces barista-quality coffee
  • Provides a pleasant environment
  • Ensures convenience, flexibility, and variety.

The list can be endless, as a coffee machine has become a must-have tool for modern coffee drinkers. Today people have much more information about what they use. It drives them to be more attentive in their choices. As the most popular drink worldwide over 2 billion cups of consumption daily, coffee enjoys great popularity. Today, you have a wide range of coffee brewers to choose from various brands. Each brand has unique features and characteristics (get detailed information at CoffeeMachinePro). We have selected some most popular coffee brewers on the market to help you decide easier.

1.    Melitta

Melitta is one of the most famous brands known since 1962. It offers an outstanding variety of coffee preparation tools: from bean to cup to filter coffee brewers and more. In short, you have everything at your hand for a perfect cup of coffee with Melitta coffee machines.

If you seek the easiest method of brewing coffee, Melitta offers one of the best options. Some of the automatic coffee brewers are compatible with the Melitta® Connect app that allows you to manage your coffee machine features simply with your phone. The best part of this brand is that it has offers for everyone: you can find budget-friendly to more advanced options.

2.    Delonghi

The next brand that enjoys a high reputation among coffee lovers is Delonghi. Founded in 1902, Delonghi appliances have become popular worldwide. They not only produce the best quality coffee but ensure perfection. Each coffee machine from this brand comes with unique features and a wide range of benefits. They are popular as well-made and well-priced appliances and stand out with their outstanding design and quality. Brewing your coffee with the Delonghi coffee machine will take your experience to the next level. When it comes to the milk system, it is known as the best on the market with its outstanding performance and easy-to-use features.

3.    La Marzocco

The next unique brand worldwide is La Marcozza, founded in 1927. Compared to a wide range of coffee brewers on the market, La Marcozza coffee machines stand out with their detailed solutions. They are proof of quality, unique design, and other benefits. If you buy these coffee machines from this brand, you can feel the detailed approach and technology in each feature. These appliances will provide the user with reliable and advanced solutions. When having one of these coffee brewers in your kitchen, you can ensure to enjoy your own “barista” at home.

4.    Nespresso

Compared to other major coffee machine brands, Nespresso’s history starts a little later, from 1986. Unlike this, it enjoys a great popularity worldwide. When it comes to convenience, all the Nespresso coffee brewers are perfect, as they are compact in size, easy to use, and provide variety and consistency. Besides providing unique quality coffee, they are practical to use both at home and in the office. They come with a single cup portions, which will keep you away from coffee waste, especially when you brew coffee only for yourself.

5.    Sage and Breville

When looking for coffee machines you will surely meet these two brands. Most people think that they are the same company. The truth is that although they are under Breville Group Limited, founded in 1932, however, they offer different types of coffee brewers with unique features. Both brands’ coffee brewers deliver outstanding cups of espresso with velvety smooth microform milk. The best part of these coffee brewers is that you can find different options for any budget. Unlike this, each of them ensures high-quality and amazing benefits.


Buying a coffee machine would take your time earlier. Today you have more convenient solutions to compare and purchase coffee machines from specialised stores. They will not only provide you with outstanding variety from trusted brands but also give you detailed descriptions and guidance for finding the best fit for your needs.

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