5 Best Easy Breakfast Dishes For You

In the morning, after having the tea and coffee, we go for the breakfast to eat daily. In the breakfast table, there you may have some light meals to eat or some heavy junk foods to eat. We eating junk foods daily can serious affect our health. One may suffer from lots of health issues as well. Therefore, in the breakfast, it is essential to have the healthy foods and to start the day healthy as well.

There are so many easy and healthy breakfast dishes are available to eat daily which can simply bring a good health for everyone. The healthy fast food breakfastdishes can make within few minutes and serve very quickly to the family members as well. Moreover, it is upon on you whether you can all the healthiest foods for the breakfast: or to have those oily or junk foods daily, on your plate.

If you are health conscious person then you will never go with those unhealthy foods daily. To eat in the breakfast, you can prepare the best quick healthy breakfast dishes to eat regularly. The quick dishes do not need much of ingredient as well to ready. Hence, it will be easy for anyone to make breakfast dishes to serve all the family members.

Some Of The Easy Breakfast Dishes For You

Now here we will offer you the best breakfast dishes, which you all can make in the morning to eat. Moreover, all the dishes require the least amount of ingredient. Now lets us look on those fast making breakfast dishes to eat for the breakfast.

1. Scrambled Eggs And Chicken Sausages

For the breakfast, you can go with those easy and fast breakfast recipes to make and eat in the morning. It is very needy or all of the human whether you are kid, adult and old, one must eat the healthiest foods in the breakfast table. Thus, you can make the scrambled eggs and chicken sausages for the breakfast. It takes very few minutes to prepare and serve it on the plate.

2. Rawa Upma

The breakfast dish rawa and upma is a south Indian dish. It is very much likeable to all the south Indian people. To make this breakfast dish you will need just two or three ingredients. In addition, within one hour you can make both the rawa and upma for eating in the breakfast. Now a day, even Indian people are eating this dish very often in the breakfast as well. With the help of any small frying pan, this simple dish can prepare. Through the south Indian, make various types tasty soups as well to serve with the rawa and upma. However, besides the rawa and upma, there are lots of other healthy dishes that you can make for the breakfast and eat those foods as well.

There are so many delicious dishes are prepared in south India that you can eat them if you visit the places. The tasty foods will mesmerize you in every single bite of the foods. On the other hand, the south Indian foods considered one of the healthiest food dishes. It never provides any unhealthy properties to the body and offers us a healthy lifestyle.

3. Masala Cheese French Toast

Almost many of us like to have the toast in the breakfast daily. Instead of eating the regular toast, you can try the masala cheese French toast frequently. This dish is very tasty to eat and even takes least minutes to prepare. The kids like this type of breakfast dishes very much and they show their interest to eat the toast daily.

4. Bombay Toasty

Another fast and easy breakfast dish is Bombay toast. In Bombay city, this toast is very famous. Hence, the name kept on the city. Anyone can make this recipe for the breakfast table and can serve to all the members of the family. The taste of this toast is very yummy as well.

The kids will love this recipe very much. Even you can add some slices of cheese on the toast and can make the taste more delicious as well. Moreover, one can garnish with the toast with salad and make the toast healthier to eat.

5. Masala Chicken On Toast

Among this country or in this world, there are so many people, who like to eat chicken a lot and when the chicken comes in the toast, shape it becomes even tastier. Hence, the masala chicken on toast is another easiest recipe for the breakfast to make. You can even try it for the breakfast as well.

You can add more taste as well as flavor by adding more healthy things with chicken. It will be nutrient as well as keep you full throughout the day mainly before the lunch. As we, all know that chicken provides us the protein in high amount and keeps the health healthy all the time. People who daily go to the gym often eat chicken after coming back from the gym.


Hence, these are the five simple and easy breakfast recipe to prepare in the morning. Every day, you can prepare any of these recipes and offer you whole, family members.

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